I felt that a trip to Seoul isn’t complete without dropping by Noryangjin. so here’s my post telling you why you SHOULD visit it. Noryangjin is a Seafood Market near Yoeuido. just take the subway to Noryangjin and keep heading towards the Market. there are plenty of signs.

but in case you get lost, I think I should tell you that you should go OUTSIDE and find the overhead bridge that links the train station to the Market. (links to a Parking lot actually but there are plenty of signs!) this time I went I ended up in another station. their stations are pretty complex I guess. but in case you end up at this underground (non-open air) station, just walk outside or ask someone for Noryangjin Sijang. but I had no problem haha since I recognized the place. the first time I went there, however, I was on the right track =D.


your first glimpse should be like the picture above.

IMG_0058 copy

LOOK AT THOSE UNI! (sea urchin meat) I have no idea if it’s really uni because I somehow think it’s from those weird red things above. =S. I have always wondered what they are but maybe they are like Korea’s Uni.

IMG_0060 copy


IMG_0061 copy

weird looking seafood. hahaha.

IMG_0062 copy

5 Sannakji (raw octopus) for 10,000! I ate 1 for 20,000 in Myeongdong. so, you should know where to go to now ;).

and for those who knows Korean, noticed the 대박 word? ㅋㅋㅋ.

IMG_0063 copy

stingrays and sashimi. the stingrays all look so pitiful pfft.

IMG_0064 copy

there are plenty of stores like above. and I think the ones with a good smile deserves more business.

IMG_0065 copy


IMG_0066 copy

sea cucumbers. I don’t understand why people eat it. it ain’t that delicious and it’s super expensive. especially Chinese pfft. my family would have it on our table EVERY Chinese New Year.

IMG_0068 copy

Alaskan King Crab!

IMG_0069 copy

that’s the biggest Siham I’ve ever seen in my whole LIFE!

IMG_0071 copy

going for 10,000won!!! gosh sashimi in Noryangjin IS cheap. but if you take it to the restaurants they will charge you extra =/.

IMG_0073 copy

huge lobster.

IMG_0077 copy

so this is how it works. usually, the last person you buy your seafood from will recommend you to a restaurant. don’t worry about being conned because if there are plenty of Koreans in the restaurant, you should be in the right place. but of course, there are exceptions. the Ajumoni who sold all those stuff to us asked somebody to take us to this restaurant located at the back alleys of the market.

I also have a Hawaiian friend who kind of got cheated to eating expensive Sannakji by just walking into a random restaurant on the 2nd floor. so remember, BUY YOUR SEAFOOD FROM THE MARKET! not the restaurants haha.

IMG_0078 copy

10,000won worth of Sashimi. mad amount. so fresh, so good, so cheap. you’ll never get anything similar outside.

IMG_0081 copy

went there with a Malaysian friend whom doesn’t want his face to be on my blog pfft. didn’t know sashimi tasted so good with Korean chilli sauce haha.

IMG_0082 copy

“Mei Hwa Su” is a kind of alcohol for the ladies. as in, not like it is especially made for the ladies but it’s delicious and sweet =D.

IMG_0085 copy

the scallops was THE BOMB. trust me on that. it’s a MUST eat there. super huge, fresh and juicy =3. Abalones are always the best way to eat it the Chinese way I guess, with our Abalone sauce and all. but this is no doubt one of the freshest I’ve ever had. well, it’s straight from the aquarium! 2 for 10,000won! the scallops costs the same for around a dozen. we mixed scallops and lala (clams).

IMG_0086 copy

still amazed by the gigantic scallops!

IMG_0090 copy

our huge crab with our huge lala’s. I think those lala’s gave me allergies pfft. they are so huge. not as tasty as the scallop so JUST OPT FOR THOSE JUICY SCALLOPS!

IMG_0091 copy

many years ago I blogged about how to differentiate which is a male and which is a female crab haha. this one’s a male =D. female’s have a round pattern on it’s bottom.

IMG_0092 copy


IMG_0097 copy

the thing about these huge crabs are, only the legs are tasty. other than that.. meh. I would recommend to NOT take the crab. even Alaskan King Crab. you’re only eating it because it’s big.

IMG_0102 copy

my awesome crab eating skills! I gained them when I was in China where I used to eat like 2 crabs in a row on the same day. and almost every week.

IMG_0104 copy

see that gold building there? it’s the famous 63 building. my Korean friend told me their International Buffet is really good though. it was the tallest building in Korea, don’t think that it still is though haha.

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12 years ago

Hi Jamie,

We should buy the seafood from the stalls in the market and bring it to the restaurant? Is there any extra charges for doing that?

Da Feng
Da Feng
12 years ago

Several scenes of drama My Girl had taken at 63 building.

12 years ago

i wanted to tell u that day but i forgot.

now i know why u look diff!! hahahhaa. lost that innocent feel adi. HAHAHHAHAHHA

12 years ago

Oh, did the ahjumoni allow you to take photos at their stalls?
I was warned that they may not like it, so I ended up only taking pics at the stall which we bought the seafood from, or….just pretend to take pics from far =P

12 years ago

seafood heaven!! damn.. those octopuses haha

Wendy and Glenn
Wendy and Glenn
10 years ago

Hi, Jamie, indeed profoundly appreciate your recommendation on your blog. Extremely useful. We both are retirees and truly shall enjoy those wonderful seafood when we to be there a few months time. Your photos depicting those seafood highly remarkable!

10 years ago

Hey Jamie, I’ve been to Noryangjin the last time and I bought from a stall because this ahjumma speaks Mandarin. I’m heading to Seoul again in another week or so and I’m thinking of visiting Noryangjin again. Me and my friend spoke a little Korean, enough to get by and order food and stuff, but I’m not too sure if it’s enough to communicate with the stall owners. How do you actually choose a stall there?

10 years ago

Hi Jamie,

THanks for this wonderful informative blog. I’m going to Korea for first time next week. And definitely planning to spend a lunch at Noryangjin. I’m very excited after looking at your blog. Do you have the specific names of the restaurants that we can go there after we buy the seafood? Or I can just walk in to any of them with many people? hahaha.. Thanks!