initially, I planned to visit Dongdaemun. but I ended up in Namdaemun because Mr.Mun told me Dongdaemun’s boring. took his advice and here I was in Namdaemun. I thought that it would be like Petaling Street but it’s much more than that. instead of a whole load of imitation bags, it was almost like a wholesale market of everything. of course, since it’s a tourist spot as well they do not do everything wholesale.

IMG_0897 copy

got off the bus and saw these really adorable 잉어빵 (ing-eo-bbang) which are red bean stuffed cake (?) shaped like a fish. normally they are pretty big but these are really tiny haha. I don’t really like them but if you like red bean you should give it a try since it’s a famous street snack.

IMG_0899 copy

there were a whole load of vendors outside. but don’t be fooled. this is not Namdaemun yet.

IMG_0900 copy

korean spectacle frames are a huge thing here still. I would say 50% of the youngsters wears glasses. not because they have poor eye sight, but for fashion as well.

IMG_0901 copy

there was this long line outside this 호떡 ho-ddeok stall and I was told that it’s really famous. but I was too lazy to queue up haha.


now, THIS is Namdaemun. it’s just a small part of it.

IMG_0903 copy

their variety of spices and side dishes are aplenty. all red or green usually, very tasty looking.

IMG_0905 copy

why I have always said that Korea is Socks Land! you’d find a store selling cheap (and cute) socks almost everywhere. they are so cheap, you shouldn’t bring any socks from your country when you visit Korea =D. just buy them here!

IMG_0906 copy

another famous thing would be pet clothing. most dog owners here dress their pups in these cute outfits but I’ve never really found it too cute. unless it’s this.


I forgot where I saw this and I saved it down because it’s so cute pfft. but some of my friends said it looks silly and would never let their dog wear anything like this pffttttt.

IMG_0907 copy

this is what I’d like you to imagine how the roads of Namdaemun market are.

IMG_0908 copy

with clothes everywhere hahaha. ain’t exactly cheap you can get stuff that looks better (but maybeeee of worst quality. but latest fashion at least) for the same price in Edae =S.

IMG_0909 copy

legging and lingerie paradise.

IMG_0910 copy

this 10 floor building is filled with cheap clothes. or like how they call it,

IMG_0911 copy

that ice cream is awesome. trust me. just a little sweet but so pearingly awesome.

IMG_0913 copy

when ajumma clothes are on sale…

IMG_0914 copy

more food! restaurants on both sides! they serve a lot of pigs feet/hand here! certainly not cheap =/. but they looked good at least haha.

IMG_0916 copy

the place isn’t as complicated as it looks! really!

IMG_0917 copy

she serves green hot dogs D=.

IMG_0918 copy

see, told you it isn’t that complicating. haha. this is more like what it really was like.

IMG_0922 copy

picture starring… me.

IMG_0925 copy

those money piggy bank are real cute hahaha.

IMG_0926 copy

shop filled with imported food. mostly from Japan though.

IMG_0928 copy

also, if you’re all very princessy, maybe you should not come here haha. you’d find people delivering stuff here and there and you gotta give way by squeezing at the side =D. okay just kidding.

IMG_0930 copy

super expensive lemonade. I mean, it’s so easy to make pfft and it’s take away!

IMG_0931 copy

making the barter for the sausages below.

IMG_0934 copy

so many types. but it looks absolutely unhealthy =S.

IMG_0940 copy

HUGE GINSENGS IN JARS! now I wonder how much would those cost.

IMG_0942 copy

they sell vegetables too.

IMG_0943 copy

every floor sells different type of stuff. like bowls, hanbok, food… etc.

IMG_0944 copy

guess what are these!


silk worms. Korean people love eating these. but they smell so bad T_T. I never want to try that.

IMG_0945 copy

shop selling pottery and steel products!

IMG_0946 copy

the varieties of spices and beans are like the variety of indian spices pfft.

IMG_0948 copy

and here you can find Gim (seaweed) in many flavours!

IMG_0950 copy

the center for imported food! bought my tigerbalm and cheese here. they have everything from glister and colgate to imported protein powder to hams and everything else imported! absolutely love this place after living here for so long and all you get is just the few type of choices in food here.

IMG_0951 copy

a pharmacy selling only imported goods haha.

IMG_0952 copy


IMG_0954 copy

that whole building sells only bowls. D=.

IMG_0956 copy

always very taken away with the beauty of Korean silk mattresses!

IMG_0957 copy

they display what they serve here. such effort!

IMG_0958 copy

at every single store. D=.

IMG_0959 copy

see? I’d like to believe that they are fake but they look so real! they probably did this for the foreigners to order food easily. I tried haggling with the people here but they would only drop 2,000won from a 14,000won product =(. but most stuffs here are inexpensive compared to anywhere else so it should be alright =D.

IMG_0961 copy

okay that’s all for now!

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11 years ago

i missed korea so much after reading ya korea posts~
used to stay in the backpackers hotel which is 3 minutes walk away from myeongdong right behind hana bank~ thanks for this post ~
enjoy ya time over there 😀

11 years ago

i love all your posts about korea…pls blog about trickeye museum in hongdae

11 years ago

Wow, brings back so many fond memories! =)
Stayed just opposite namdaemun during my last 2 trips to korea…

There is a 칼국수 shop in namdaemun which i absolutely love & will visit everytime i go back!! ^ ^
and the underground market is the place I always get alot of almond nuts and macadamia nuts back to msia =)

11 years ago

not sure if its cheap anot. 3 ppl sharing a room, and i still have to pay rm800 plus for a week accommodation in a tight space. dunno any nicer and cheaper hotel since it was my 1st time there.
Do post more entry on travelling, so i will can get to visit much more cool places in korea for my 2nd trip. hehe Thanks ~! 🙂

11 years ago

hyep !
I wanna ask u if u know any mosque in there ?

11 years ago

Hello, I am planning to travel to Korea for my fashion blog business. May I know where is the cheapest fashion wholesale in Korea? Please and thank you. Love.

10 years ago

its a big place eh.. with its underground market.. easily got lost too ..

but love their street food area there and best for girls to shop their accessories like necklace, earings in bulk. Pretty cheap as the wholesale market is there.

McJunn Leigh
McJunn Leigh
9 years ago

Hi Jam,

I read you stories and enjoyed your posts. My family will be viviting S. Korea for just 4 days this coming April. It is our first time to visit S. Korea. I don’t want to waste any precious time for this 4 days visit. I am asking your opinion or suggestion which places to visit so that we can make our etinerary. Thank you so much and continue postings!