Insadong is known for being Korea’s traditional district and you’d see shops like Starbucks for example in Korean words instead of English because they think that by having everything Korean, it’s sustains the traditional feel of Insadong. I personally love going to Insadong despite the crowd of foreigners especially the route from Insadong to Samcheongdong. it’s just my favourite.

IMG_9881 copy

believe it or not, these are crackers. getting really famous there. but I felt it’s a little dirty =S. don’t wanna try it.

IMG_9882 copy

super expensive candies. I forgot what they are called in Malaysia but these are called the Kkultarae here. it’s called “long sou tong” in Cantonese. starting from 5,000won a box.

IMG_9886 copy

one of the Chat-jib’s opposite where I went to. chat-jibs, pronounced as chaa-at jib means tea house.

IMG_9889 copy

the famous chat-jib I went to.

IMG_9893 copy

Koreans love flowers. restaurants, cafes, chat-jibs, most of them have flowers on the table. and they are always displayed prettily U_U. so very prettily.

IMG_9896 copy

there are even flowers in our cha! (tea). Korean traditional tea’s taste a little funny especially for foreigners but it is said to be good for your health. they are quite costly though. it’s around 7,000won for a glass, that’s around RM20.

IMG_9900 copy

they come with light desserts. they could’ve given more “service” for the price we paid =(. but I guess the rent’s here mad as well. service = free stuff. sometimes you get cookies, cakes and if the owner likes you, they’d give you even more expensive services. =D.

IMG_9901 copy

the usual crowd in Insadong on the weekend. crazy ey?

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Jeannie Liew
8 years ago

The Kkularae u sent back home hardened like stone already. these candies must be eaten immediately ler…wasted.

8 years ago

I totally agree with the price for kkularae…it’s super expensive..

8 years ago

but very special la the cracker! how they make that kind of shape! maybe u shud bring into malaysia market! hahaha u might be the next chatime! =p

8 years ago

can’t believe that one is crackers weyy! 😀

btw, please support my video yeah! you can find that in my latest blog post! 😀 the number of hits and likes will affect my final assignment marks! thanks yeah!