okay. don’t get all excited there. chill.

sorry to break the news but, it isn’t exactly a Malaysian shop. more like a Japanese shop. but the thing is, they made the calamari so Malaysian style. it’s almost exactly the same on how Malaysians would make it. so you poor students in Seoul who misses Malaysian food, you can release your longings here =D.

just look up the directions on google maps with it’s geometrical location : 37.558225,126.934752

the shops name is 털보고된이 (생선구이).

IMG_0158 copy

we went during an odd hour so it wasn’t filled. I passed by there at night and it was sooooooooooo packed.

IMG_0159 copy

guess you can judge it by looking at how many superstars whom had been here before.

IMG_0157 copy

everybody loves banchans! (side dishes) I liked the Jelly one. haha. my friend laughed at me for calling it jelly. oh well.

IMG_0156 copy

and finally, the IKAN BAKAR! if you’re not Malaysian, Ikan Bakar (mackerel) literally means Fired Fish. but it’s means Grilled Fish =D.

IMG_0155 copy

and the very Malaysian food. the chilli calamari. I was gobsmacked to know that it ain’t Malaysian food.

IMG_0147 copy

the set comes with a yummy Dwenjang Jjigae too. (beanpaste soup). I love how they serve their tea on a bowl instead of a cup =P.

IMG_0149 copy


IMG_0148 copy

my Malaysian friend, Leo who’s the same age as me haha.

IMG_0146 copy

just added this picture for fun because I went out with a Korean guy (just friends pfft.) for HOF and chicken. holy cow the plate above costs 16,000won. but it was really filling. you don’t need no dinner. you just need this and beef. HOF is for House Of  Beer in German. you’d find plenty of places in Korea saying HOF or HOF & Chicken. Korean’s favourite place to drink.

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12 years ago

HOF is German’s language for house of beer…saw it somewhere when I was in Korea few weeks ago..=D

12 years ago

HI!! There is a shop selling a pot of kimchi Jjigae with big pork right under ground of this/ next door shop.. only open for dinner time. can go have a try is delicious!! and i think the price is cheap if i now rememeber wrong..

hani madu
hani madu
12 years ago

Hi Jamie,

I came across ur page while surfing for Korean food. My friends and I will be in Seoul next week. So we’re looking for local food especially seafood since we can’t eat pork. Does this restaurant serve pork? Because most of the seafood restaurant that we found serve pork. Can you suggest me few local restaurant that don’t serve pork.
Would love to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.


11 years ago

What time the rataurant open and close?