Patbingsu or Red Bean Shaved Iced, is the most popular dessert in Korea. even if it’s cold, people still eat it. but some places however, do not serve patbingsu’s on winter. well, it’s already freeeeezing cold haha. but still. Homilpat 호밀팥 is one of a kind. and is always filled.

IMG_0109 copy

having a long line outside (probably 30minutes wait) is nothing surprising but you’re just lucky if you do not see a line outside. if you’re at Sinchon, you MUST pay a visit to Homilpat and try their awesome Patbingsu’s.

IMG_0111 copy

like I’ve mentioned, Homilpat is one of a kind and they serve their patbingsu’s differently too. normally the red bean paste will just be placed on top of the shaved ice. but here, they give it to you separately. Homilpat’s patbingsu’s are the finest so far. according to my friend whom had been here for 2 years too. plus, their ice is made out of frozen milk. so it tastes REAL GOOD.

IMG_0112 copy

coffee patbingsu @ 6,000원. I’m allergic to caffeine so I did not try it but I guess it tastes good too. it looks good at least! and people order it.

IMG_7850 copy

strawberry patbingsu @ 7,000원. this is still my favourite. nothing can beat this. Korean strawberries are really sweet and if you’re Malaysian you should know that already by seeing so many Korean strawberry advertisements on buses and all haha.

IMG_0113 copy


an unflattering picture. pfft. went to Noryangjin that morning so I was pretty exhausted haha.


mixed fruit patbingsu @ 7,000원. some people might prefer this since there are more varieties. usually they give you two kiwi’s. it must be tom’s face.


my classmate, Tom OM NOM NOM. so sad to know that there’s only 2 classes left with all my awesome classmates T_T.


the interior.


look at the amount of people outside waiting in line!!!

DIRECTIONS TO HOMILPAT : take the U-Plex EXIT from Sinchon Subway Station. you will go through a mall (yes it links to a mall, but don’t go into the departmental stores. just keep walking straight), you will pass by shops like LUSH, Body Shop and Cold Stone and then go up escalators and all. upon exit, you will see a huge big red pipe with a mirror. and you will find yourself facing a main road. cross over to the OTHER side of the main road. it’s a T-junction but you will know which road is the bigger road. keep walking straight at the other side of the road. you will pass by Krispy Kreme. just keep walking along the road and you will definitely find Homilpat. also, if you keep walking straight you’ll be in Edae. =D.

or if you’re from Ewha University, say you’re facing directly at Ewha Univ. turn left walk straight, there’ll be a T-junction but keep walking straight and you will see Homilpat as well.

IMG_0107 copy

some ice cream at Edae @ 2,000원. pretty damn good I must say.

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11 years ago

awww! the dessert are just soooooo, speechless! =P

11 years ago

there should be patbingsu here in MY too! im missing the place and food in there now :p

11 years ago

hey jamie, i had dropped you an email 🙂