I guess one of the other things a Yonseian would get to brag about is the Library. the 8 floor Library which could fit 4,000 students and an open roof top garden.

IMG_9202 copy

there was still 1 more sakura tree when I took this picture like 3 or more weeks ago.

IMG_9205 copy

the pathway outside the Library

IMG_9206 copy

and the Library!

IMG_9209 copy

there’s 2 parts of the Library, one’s the normal one and another the Samsung Library.

IMG_9208 copy

this is the open spaces. it’s always full so I usually go to the study room on the 4th floor. there are a few meeting rooms (veryyy professional and modern looking) but you gotta book them in advance. still very impressive! plus they have lifts even for 1 floor. very advanced and convenient for the disabled.

IMG_9207 copy

the public area. see those huge monitors on the right? they are for you to read the newspaper of your own country! they have EVERYTHINGGGGGG. and outside of the study rooms and on the left side of this area there are booths for you to reserve your spot in the library. the maximum is usually 4 hours but at some seasons 2 hours so we gotta go to the booths to extend our time period every 2 hours pfft.

IMG_9210 copy

total 5star hotel library.

IMG_9211 copy

what I call the “san g pai”, it’s okay if you don’t get it but it’s nothing good =P. the epic list of names of people whom have had donated to build this library.

IMG_9214 copy

SAKURA! though it did look a little different. but the petals fall like the other trees so. =S.

IMG_9226 copy

okay that’s all for now! much more to write soon! will have another post with a lottt of pics hehe.

update on my life here : hello you all. I am pretty busy nowadays since I started my part time job and I have to study too because my Korean isn’t as good as my classmates whom have all been here for a much longer period U_U. but I will sacrifice my precious sleep to write more! =3. short but more frequent updates! okay bye!

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Zhi Shan
12 years ago

Wow. Is this in Seoul? Very nice place to study! 😀 All the best.

12 years ago

The sakuras looks so pale! Haha and they have really nice libraries!!

12 years ago

oh my! the library so big and so niceee! so peaceful1!!

Jan E
Jan E
12 years ago

what kind of part time job are you working? also, if one were to go korea to study for a period of 4 years, what kind of affordable housing would you recommend? yes, looking forward to your next update while waiting patiently!!!

12 years ago

The uni library is so nice and big. Hope my uni will also be nice as well. I am coming to korea also for Summer Program. So excited and nervous. ^^

12 years ago

wow ! Your university library really nice ! =D