don’t get it wrong. I don’t mean the monthly income one gets for working for the government.

PENSIONS are very famous in Korea. they are like.. vacation houses people would rent just for a night or two to have fun in. usually very well facilitated. they provide things like shampoo, soap, hair dryer and toothpaste in the washroom and plenty of plates, cutleries, knives, etc. in the kitchen.

but that is not all. they had an awesome floor heating system and as well as a huge flatscreen tv.

IMG_9002 copy

I think it was just because it was US, they even gave us plenty of food, junks and even a soap giftbox! this is called “service” in Korea. which literally means free stuff =3. if you frequent a shop or if the owner or worker like you, they would give you service!

that 빠다코코낫 is awesome. I used to not like those Ghana chocolate pies. I thought it was a lousy creation. but the more I eat it, the more I like it D=. slowly adapting to the Korean taste I guess.

IMG_9004 copy

my view on the first night. and that’s a swimpool I think.. in the middle. it was 2 floors and

IMG_9005 copy

our white and awesomely lovely dressing table! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3. THIS IS EVERY GIRLS DREAM. or at least mine.

IMG_9007 copy2

me and my housemates of the day! <3. Linh from Viet, Cassie from HK, Zolboo from Mongolia (shes a doctor! don’t play play!) and Alexandra at the back from Russia!!! 5 girls from 5 different country. how cool is that? based on how most people who attended was from China, our group was the odd one already haha.

IMG_9008 copy

and the super uber comfy L shaped sofa! *D=!!!!”

IMG_9009 copy

Cassie is 1cm taller than me but since I slouch a lot I always look 2-3cms shorter hahaha. and she’s like.. one of the brightest girls in our school =3. having her around makes everything more fun hehe.

IMG_9012 copy

here’s how the toilet look like. I had my best bath since a while…… and the room with the crazy amount of silk mattress stacking up haha. Koreans sleep on the floor because when it’s heated it’s very warm and comfy =3. traditionally.

IMG_9013 copy

and our kitchen!!!!!!! we have like free oranges and water in the fridge as well =D.

IMG_9018 copy


IMG_9019 copy

how it really look like.

IMG_9020 copy


IMG_9021 copy

spam spam.

IMG_9027 copy

you can just see how happy we are by the looks on our faces =3. we were like “whoa!!! whoaa!! WHOAAAAA!!” for almost everything when we first went into that house. =P.

IMG_9032 copy

then we went to the boy’s house. since there were only about… 7 boys. they were all put in the same house and hence their house is the biggest. like, reallllllllly big. so we had our drinking and “intro”session there. actually, the teacher told the boys to not go to the girl’s pensions hahaha and also, not to drink……….. but oh well, we didn’t obey as you can see. hahaha. but it was really really really fun. one of the the best experiences here so far!

IMG_9041 copy

group picture take 1!

IMG_9042 copy

group picture take 2!

IMG_9043 copy

we used my virtual soju bottle to choose who to introduce themselves first. actually, we kind of made the CLASSMATE of the person to do the introduction (since each class there’s 2 of us) because only like that a lot of INTERESTING things will come out =P.

IMG_9044 copy

the boys actually bought one BOX worth of alcohol. mad. but alcohol in Korea is really cheap compared to Malaysia so…… =D.

IMG_9046 copy

look at the amount of alcohol we have!

IMG_9048 copy


IMG_9049 copy

okay, actually, after every introduction, we will make the person choose one of the opposite sex whom we think is the cutest. and our youngest male, Kevin, from Mongol is the most favourable hence he has to drink the most hahahahaha. same goes to the girls.

IMG_9050 copy

anyway, check out my room. the girls wanted to watch that Lee Seung Gi drama so they all slept downstairs and since I did not follow that drama I had the whole room to myself! =3.

IMG_9052 copy

my awesome silk bed. and the warm ondol floor is awesome during such a cold weather. it’s cold in Korea at night at that time =S.

IMG_9055 copy

the next morning. ahhhhhhhh. sun rises like.. 6? here. mad. and look! those are the bigger pensions which can probably fit 15 people. can you imagine how fun would it be………

IMG_9058 copy


IMG_9071 copy

the smaller houses. =D. similar to the ones I was living at.

IMG_9076 copy

I like my lip colour that day so…… =D.

IMG_9093 copy

since Cheongdo is famous for their bulls and persimmons, they gave us lovely looking soaps of them! =3. so sweetly packaged.

IMG_9105 copy

our super more-than-enough breakfast. so much! Lotteria’s Beef Burger is AWESOME by the way. =D. would be perfect with some chilli sauce though =S.

IMG_9107 copy

meet my China friends. showed this picture just to tell you how they did not follow the rules hahaha. the teachers knew anyway and it was okay. since most of the guys were still sleeping at that time. =S. so they just came here for breakfast.

IMG_9108 copy

the Lotteria Bulgogi Burger. it’s named Bulgogi but really it taste like some yummy beef burger. nothing bulgogi ahahah.

IMG_9113 copy

only if it weren’t raining the night before, we would have sat outside. and the rain here’s crazy. it ain’t heavy but it goes on for the whole day.

IMG_9116 copy

Cassie <3!

IMG_9122 copy

and all of us =D. there are almost 20 classes just for level 3 students. mad, yes?

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John Chung
John Chung
12 years ago

Revolutions of phones HAHA time to change to Note di.

Kelvin Tan
12 years ago

why is it called a pension? LOL

Nostalgia Ninja
12 years ago

Well, nice day for you since you were spoilt spotlessly.

Btw: Happy Children’s day (china, japan and korea have childrens day on 5 may)

12 years ago

Hey, are you studying for a undergraduate degree at yonsei?

12 years ago

raining season already?? i’m going in early june for 2 weeks and hope it’s not raining everyday!