since it’s over, I feel like I am responsible to tell you that there are completely no more Cherry Blossoms around Sinchon anymore. and I don’t think they have it anywhere else either since it’s gone for 2 weeks already. sucks because I was so busy with school during the perfect blooming time. but it wasn’t so bad because we have it all around my school and Sinchon.

IMG_8209 copy

random spring flowers. and now most trees turned green =S.

IMG_8214 copy

Sinchon. 신촌 벚꽃이 진짜 예쁘다고요!

IMG_8229 copy

this was probably about 10th of April or something. when it was fully bloomed and none of the petals were falling off.

IMG_8230 copy

upclose. I actually really like the cherry blossoms in Sinchon even though they are white. but they grow very close to each other making them special =3.

IMG_8233 copy

and like, the WHOLE street was filled with it.

later, I went to Yonsei. =D. because it’s really really pretty.

IMG_8257 copy

HELLO! let le tour guide show you the awesome Yonsei Univ. cherry blossoms! it was on the 17th (of April) and the cherry blossom petals were falling already. and the ones at Sinchon has leaves growing out from it already =(.

IMG_8261 copy

but at least in Yonsei it’s still perfect!

IMG_8266 copy

this is an illusion. don’t know how my hair could look this long when it isn’t haha.

IMG_8276 copy

the flowers were so prettttyyyyy <3.

(another optical illusion. my legs somehow look so long here hahaha.)

IMG_8280 copy

sulking. haha.

IMG_8290 copy


IMG_8291 copy

LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS! they planted extra flowers =3. to make it even prettier.


when I say “fa” (flower in cantonese hehe).

IMG_8312 copy


IMG_8323 copy

from the other side.

IMG_8326 copy

the season where even more couples would visit the University.

IMG_8328 copy

and also where students picnic under the tree.

IMG_8329 copy

mad volume of cherry blossoms are mad.

IMG_8344 copy

unfortunately the cherry blossoms in Yonsei are just around the main building (abundantly). you can perhaps find one cherry blossom here and there but they stand alone.

IMG_8345 copy


IMG_8362 copy

and at the same time, the pinkish purplish flowers on the left bloomed too! just look at that cute couple on the bench <3.

IMG_8371 copy

taken with Wai Kit’s wide angle lens. =D. ahhhhhhh. pretty.

IMG_8380 copy

I was realllllllly close to the camera. wide angles~

IMG_8382 copy

absolutely love this view. hence I must pose with it!

IMG_8391 copy

being silly.

IMG_8392 copy

and sillier.

IMG_8408 copy

the view was just so breath taking I had to take this crazy amount of pictures hahaha.

IMG_8411 copy

the length you’d have to walk from the MAIN GATE just in order to get to the main building. madness.

IMG_8421 copy


IMG_8454 copy


IMG_8465 copy


IMG_8466 copy

matches my skirt. can’t help it. =P.

IMG_8474 copy

I still have my fake dimple hahahahha. stupid pimple ain’t going away pfft.

IMG_8486 copy

and then outside the church in front of Yonsei’s main gate. that’s where I took that picture of that nice wall from my previous post.

IMG_8492 copy

I honestly think that I look better when I don’t smile. hmm?

IMG_8494 copy

=D. typical photostated face haha.

IMG_8498 copy

the super mini “park” in Sinchon with a few benches has the best trees ever.

IMG_8500 copy

and this is how ugly it looks when the greens come out =(.

IMG_8507 copy

ah! le cherry blossoms are too pretty!

IMG_8509 copy


IMG_8529 copy


IMG_8546 copy

they will eventually at one point seem like snow.

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12 years ago

you are so so beautiful

and your skin too you fit the pic”s fit the pure nature

i wish that i have the same skin color

so i can wear what i like

so saaaaaaaad that i cant

enjoy gurl

12 years ago

why the ending kena step 1 lol

12 years ago

Just a month ago i went to Korea, I only dropped by at Ehwa univ! seriously their cherry blossoms weren’t as abundant as Yonsei!!!

12 years ago

waa! u looks like Korean people weyy! so pretty! 😀

12 years ago

Ahhh lovely cherry blossom! Wanna experience spring too. So if I’m planning to camwhoring these blooms next year, I should come in 2week of Apr?right?