this must be the place that I love the most in Cheongdo.

hint to my future husband whoever he may be, I want you to propose to me here. *coughs*. (super tiring to go all the way to Cheongdo just for the occasion perhaps T_T)

IMG_8848 copy

when it rains here, it doesn’t stop. not that it ever rains a lot like in Malaysia until trees get blown down. but here, it rains non stop. sometimes for 24 hours straight, which is pretty annoying. I guess rains like this only happen to places that have 4 seasons haha.

IMG_8849 copy

but nevertheless, breathtaking view. I don’t know what’s with Koreans and ATV’s but there’s this uncle who drives an ATV instead of a car around nearby my house haha.

IMG_8850 copy

Korean countryside!

IMG_8852 copy

they still burn wood for fire!

IMG_8853 copy

Korean country house haha.

IMG_8860 copy

would be perfect without the neon colours. haha. simple and nice no?

IMG_8854 copy

Korean country house 2. exactly like what I’ve seen in dramas. I’ve never ACTUALLY travelled very far from Seoul before. this was my first time! haha. I’ve always wondered where did all those country looking houses were.

IMG_8855 copy

in Spring, if you see a Cherry Blossom tree, you might not tell. because Cherry Blossoms will be gone after a week or two and the green leaves will take over. and it will look exactly like a normal tree. weird Cherry Blossoms are weird.

IMG_8859 copy

it said ” Cheongdo Bull Fighting every week on Sat and Suns.” and look at the rows of PINK Cherry Blossom! now I am starting to wonder if Cherry Blossoms get pinker down South haha.

IMG_8881 copy

and finally, the wine tunnel. it was once a railway tunnel hence the tracks. it’s beyond what I expected, really.

IMG_8880 copy

MUST HAVE PICTURE WITH IT!!! though already very haggard from the long 4 hour ride and the bull fighting show.

IMG_8882 copy

told you persimmons are really famous here =P.

IMG_8883 copy

my first glimpse of the tunnel. my jaw dropped a little. it was so. very. pretty. suddenly I felt like I’m in UK or Europe, even though I’ve never been there before.

IMG_8887 copy

HUGE WINE GLASS! (like damn gaya with my umbrella kan hahaha)

IMG_8889 copy

there was even a drama filmed here before!

IMG_8895 copy

as I walked deeper in, my jaw dropped a little more. it was this part filled with wine bottles that took my breath away. it’s FABULOUS!

IMG_8891 copy

so so so so so pretty.

IMG_8897 copy

but my camera hates me. took like 5 pictures here but it all turned out blur. with or without flash. le sigh.

IMG_8901 copy

and there was a bar selling persimmon wine with cheese and biscuit. such an awesome combo. who knew you could enjoy wine (like a boss) in a school trip!

IMG_8906 copy

here’s how it looked like. cheese are really really expensive in Korea by the way. so it was really generous of the Cheongdo president (or governor or something U_U) to provide us such awesome food!

IMG_8912 copy

you can just tell that we were having the time of our lives. =3.

IMG_8917 copy


IMG_8918 copy

my mom had always told me how awesome cheese are with wine. I’ve tried it once but didn’t find it special. but this time, I guess it’s because I like white wine or this wine is just awesome. great combo!

IMG_8919 copy

some students even bought it. haha. heard it’s expensive D=. I didn’t even have time for shopping, I focused too much on taking pictures. hahaha. well, it’s a 1904 Tunnel Persimmon Wine.

IMG_8931 copy

and the cork that I stole hehehehe.

IMG_8938 copy

even more tables for the romantic couples/friends to spend their time together with. the place is much more romantic than how it is in the picture. it’s true!

IMG_8940 copy

every few tables they have these awesome displays. U_____U. so pretty!

IMG_8932 copy

and another one. <3.

IMG_8955 copy

awkward pose moment. haha. barrels of wine. 1 is already too much for 10 years worth of supply haha.

IMG_8958 copy

LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF WINE BOTTLES. D=.  love how they fit it in the hole and turned it into an art =3.

IMG_8948 copy

pro photobomber behind.

IMG_8969 copy

you see why I say he’s a pro? hahah.

IMG_8974 copy

group picture finally! and that’s the end of the tunnel!

IMG_8986 copy

was the latest again to get on the bus because me and Andre was busy taking pictures of these very pink cherry blossoms. we had to run to the bus hahahaha. they almost left without us U_________U.

IMG_8842 copy

and as soon as I stepped onto the bus guess who I saw on TV? live. EXO! okay, I only like Sehun for his looks. not really a big fan of K-Pop but there are certain groups that I follow okay?!

IMG_8992 copy

Laura from Sweden with our unlimited supply of Samgyupsal, Cider, Soju and of course.. Banchan (side dishes) pumpkin banchans are awesome. and Soju doesn’t taste as bad as it smell, really!

IMG_8993 copy

we ended up playing a whole lot of drinking games but still, none of us got drunk. we went to the pension (where we were told not to drink) and bought a whole box of alcohol and continued drinking. HAHAHAH. awesome Uni students are awesome! I was told that many Yonsei students are hardcore drinkers. hahaha. guess it’s true.

IMG_8995 copy

how Koreans eat their Ssam (lettuce wrap) apparently. dipped with sesame oil + salt and ssamjang, and barbequed kimchi! NYAM  NYAM NYAM NYAM NYAM.


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Da Feng
Da Feng
12 years ago

What’s title of a drama which had been filming there? Not yet see actor/actress since you arrived at South Korea?

tunimaal @ Gaijin in Japan

Seems to be a really nice place… Did you find a potential husband over there???? 🙂

12 years ago

Tuition for one term during the 2012 academic year: 1,600,000 Won
1 term is 10 weeks

To complete level 5, that would be 5 terms am i right?

12 years ago

Do you live in Yonsei dorms? That’s hell lot of money!!! o.O

Diana K
Diana K
12 years ago

Have Koreans boys ever tell you you are pretty? When I first saw your blog, I thought you were from China. But the more I look at your pictures, I think you look quite ‘Korean’ due to your fair skin.

Nostalgia Ninja
12 years ago

Ooohhhh… Pretty. I like the sakuras, no wonder your friend kept on taking pictures of them. The pink ones don’t last long though, as far as I read, and they’re a rare occurrance to see from a foreign perspective.

12 years ago

It’s amazing that you can speak so many language.
e…how to translate Cheongdo into Chinese?

9 years ago

Hi Jamie,

I love your post here. I’m from Sabah, Malaysia. Am thinking to visit this place.

May I know once you reached Cheongdo station, how did you go to this Wine Tunnel? By bus? I see that you need to walk to the tunnel through the countryside. Is it far from where the bus dropped you off?

How often does the bus come along?

Thanks a lot in advance ^_^