this time we went without his family and for the purpose of only visiting him instead of getting him OUT of the camp. haha. also, this time I had a THOROUGH Korean Army Camp tour! =D.

IMG_7559 copy

getting off 29 stations away from where I am living right now. wayyyyyyy up north. and upon reaching we waited for that bus which only comes HOURLY. and the bus ride takes an hour >_______>” really not easy to visit a friend in the army. haha.

IMG_7565 copy

the 2 snack which you would not want to miss out. Binch 빈츠 by Lotte and Banana Milk 바나나맛 우유.

IMG_7574 copy

the 1 hour bus ride. bus rides here costs 1,000won on average per ride =D.

IMG_7573 copy


IMG_7581 copy

it’s so pretty even though it’s the (kampung) country side.

IMG_7585 copy

and even after we got off the bus we need to walk for ANOTHER 10 minutes. such a good friend we are U_U.

IMG_7591 copy

the sun was so awful I had to wear a tudung HAHAH. okay just joking it’s my scarf.

IMG_7594 copy

this is as much as I can show you. =D. the entrance of the Korean army camp! I’ve asked my army friend but he said that taking pictures inside (and posting it online) can make you go to jail for 2 years. so… I’d rather not risk it =S.

IMG_7598 copy

this is the  only picture taken inside. hahahahh. pines! <3.  actually, it’s very beautiful inside, a lot of trees along the pathway. kind of reminds me of Nami Island actually.

IMG_7602 copy

chicken in Korea is BLOODY expensive. see these here? they cost like 75ringgit for just two boxes if I am not mistaken. pork is cheaper than chicken. no joke.


THE ARMY BOY!!! =3. he was so hungry for chicken he ate like……. 60% of everything. hahaha.

IMG_7601 copy

my friend Jun who went to visit Peter with me =D. Peter’s friend actually HAHAHA. but we chatted online and Peter thinks we are like long time friends even though it’s the first time I’ve met him haha. well, I am friendly and sociable like that.

IMG_7607 copy


okay so other than these I can’t show you anything else. sides, I’ve deleted those I’ve taken U_U. so I can’t send it to you via email either so don’t ask.

IMG_7638 copy

the countryside view =3.

IMG_7630 copy1

and more. I naturally have no dimples. that’s actually a pimple that went back in and now I have a temporary FAKE dimple hehehe.

IMG_7649 copy

still not used to seeing signs bilingual haha.

IMG_7642 copy

trying to act cute wth. phail. but the sun is always great when the wind is being an arse-whole. hehehe.

IMG_7653 copy

okay. until next time =P.

by the way, flowers here bloomed halfway and I took a lotttttt of pictures of my Uni. =3. wait up! ah so much homework to do U_U.

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9 years ago

Just read about you falling sick for the past few days! Please take extraaaaaaa care! ^^
Can’t wait to see the flowers on yr blog! 😀

9 years ago

wow niceee! cant wait to see the blooming flower! =DD

9 years ago

Hi Jamie

Isnt it freezing in Seoul? Why you wear just so little? getting warm now?

look forward to see your Sakura photos~~~~