THIS. is. Cheonggyecheon Stream.

little did I know, this beautiful stream was once a drain when somebody awesome had the idea to turn it into one of Seoul’s major attraction today.

IMG_7427 copy

this is only my MORNING Cheonggyecheon post. I am looking forward on going there again at night as I’ve heard that it’s even more beautiful. but I’ve always loved the sunlight when it comes to photographing. hmm.

I really really like how they designed the start of the stream; so very unique. U_U. layering = awesome.

IMG_7439 copy

and here we are! standing at one of the cascading levels are definitely a fun thing to do =D. even though by just.. standing there. well, you might have the fear of accidentally dropping your jacket into the stream but having water flushing by beside me, I felt like a little girl without stress =D.

IMG_7433 copy

and from here, is where my few km walk begun.

IMG_7440 copy

I’ve always wanted to walk through under the bridge ever since I watch super hero movies from America pfft. they all look so cool. but I’ve never actually walked through any in Malaysia because there are not many. even if they have. they are not low like..

IMG_7447 copy

this!! happy girl touching the bridge wth.

IMG_7498 copy

one side’s higher than the other. and a place for the lovers. it’s quite awesome that they have these awesome date activities that doesn’t require money. romantic or not shall be your own personal preference but I guess it’s pretty alright since I love talking and strolls at places like these, you can go on and on with your conversation.

IMG_7457 copy

I was completely taken away with this sight when I was there. I sat there for so long until I saw my friend walking in circles behind me hahaha.

IMG_7502 copy

I don’t know if this is a Korean thing, but usually the “girlfriend” walks on the deck above while (sometimes) trying to reach for the “boyfriend”s hand. looks pretty romantic in movies but I am not sure if it’s because it lacked of some ballad background music so it didn’t seem so romantic to me =S.

IMG_7497 copy

the thing I am most afraid of is probably stone steps like these. I always have the feeling that I’d be clumsy, trip over and there goes my camera. I guess all photog’s who accidentally drop in the water would do the same HAHAH.

IMG_7469 copy

but I finally found my huge stones. but I still crossed with fear pfft.

IMG_7500 copy

at one of the tunnels. students practicing their guitar! =D.

IMG_7476 copy

I always say this but I still want to say it again.. I CAN’T WAIT TILL IT’S GREEN!! I saw shoots growing out on the bald trees near my school already!

IMG_7485 copy


IMG_7451 copy

lala I prefer crossing bridges like this. but as I’ve remembered, there was only one of it PFFFFT.

IMG_7494 copy

camho. again.

IMG_7454 copy

this is where I sat for 10 minutes and is unwilling to go.

IMG_7455 copy2

BECAUSE IT’S SO NICE SITTING HERE! knee length socks are very important here IMO. because you don’t actually get cold from your bare thighs, but your calves.

IMG_7466 copy

again and again. this is all for now!

I realleeeeeeeeeeeeee need to work super hard. everybody in my class seems to know much more compared to me =S.

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12 years ago

Awesome stream ! =D

12 years ago

We walked past this stream yesterday too on the way to Lotte Duty Free!
But no time to explore much though

12 years ago

i went seoul last year, I insisted to go to Cheongyecheon stream to withness this history and cultural reinterpretation but my family refused to follow. Ended up i went there myself and took alot pictures too. The experience was amazing, there was a national geographic documentary based on this river. Kind of interesting to me.

12 years ago

wah ure hair length makes u look sooo much better now in ure pics lor! <3

12 years ago

really wish to reach and stay here one day ! pray for me pleasee

12 years ago

omo, simon and martina (EatYourkimchi) just went to cheonggyecheon for W.A.N.K.!!

idk if you’ve heard of them, but they’re 2 Canadians who live in Korea and make videos. they’re crazy and funny. they have different ‘shows’ in their channel, but WANK and FAPFAP has to be my 2 favorites. if you’re bored, please do check them out. ^o^

John Peng
John Peng
11 years ago

Lovely! 😀

Although we have converted a drain in one of our bigger parks into a lovely stream (, we can do much more with our drains.

9 years ago

Hi Jamie…..

In which area did you take the pictures?
Is it true that the city hall area has the most beautiful scenery of the stream?


John Peng
John Peng
9 years ago

Singapore’s Prime Minister visited this lovely canal of yours recently, and mentioned in in his social media.

I hope that Singapore would follow your country’s work and do the same with our drains in Singapore!