you recognized yourself in the background of a picture a stranger took.

I followed this guy a while ago when he liked my picture as his pictures always had a very nice composition. not too long ago I even commented on one of his pictures saying that I walk pass that area very often.

and just now, I saw a picture of the  Baskin Robbins shop I always go to. and after looking at the picture for a LITTLE BIT LONGER. I saw myself. D=!!!!!!!!!


from my phone. even though so tiny I could recognize myself. especially when I frequent this 3 storey shop a lot. haha.

IMG_8485 copy

remember this picture? taken on the same day lol.


but nevertheless, a very nice picture. but now the cherry blossoms are gone U_U.

*photo by : jjstory.

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11 years ago

hahaha! Nice waddd…wah.. this is one in a million candid shot!!!

11 years ago

He like your picture, you follow his and commented you walk pass there often and next you know.. in you’re in his picture! Congrats! You may have a crush! =)