I first heard about these jokes when this fellow Malaysian whom have been here for the 2nd year now got lame and told us about it. after I heard some I went online to search for more. and now I want to share it with you guys =D.

#1 how long does an onion live? —– o-nyeon!!! (it means 5 years. at the same time sounding like ONION.)
#2 what does a robot eat?—– BI-BIM-BAP (apparently you have to say it with a very robotic way haha)
#3 what do you call a cute guy with no ears? —– gwi-ob-da! (gwi means ears. obda means don’t have. at the same time gwiyeobda means cute.)
#4 what do you call a big napkin? —– HU-JI! (sounds like how a Korean would say HUGE and hyuji means tissue paper)
#5 what did the watermelon do when it got sued? —– SU BAK! (like Sue Back and Soobak which is watermelon in Korean)
#6 how does one forehead call the other? —– YA IMAH!! ( whole sentence is vulgar. but ima means forehead. haha)
#7 what does lettuce worship? —– sang-choo-ary! (sangchoo = vegetables. sanctuary. haha)
#8 wanna hear a family joke? —– gah joke (gajuk means family)
#9 who delivers the luggage best? —– Jim Carrey! (Jim = luggages. carry.)
#10 what does the truck say to the bread? —- BBANG BBANG!! (bbang = bread)

this is all for now. share more when I know more =D.

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12 years ago

Hi, its me (Vey) again. Hope you’re resting well and do get well soon..
Remember me mentioning in my past comment that Im gonna grab the air tix to korea this year? Mission accomplished! so im gonna fly again Oct this year… Im just doing some research on jeju do, so just thought of checking with you, if you happen to know any reasonably priced and clean accommodation in jeju do?
btw, joke #3 is the best, 짱! haha…

12 years ago

This is nice! An easy way to remember Korean language!

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