their number of chains here are madness. you will SURELY stumble across Baskin Robbins if you were to be in Seoul for a few days. SURELY. around my area, there’s already 3. and all of it is usually packed with people even in such a weather.

Baskin Robbins? mehhhh. I had it in Malaysia and it wasn’t really my cup of tea. it was so super sweet and I can’t help but to feel guilty every time I had it. the only few times I had Baskin Robbins in KL was probably just because it had a promotion and I’d opt for the choco flavour as sweet choco isn’t so bad.

as for here, originally I thought it’s going to be like everything else, being more expensive than KL. but to my surprise, it’s actually CHEAPER than KL! everyone here come in either pairs or a group. pairs would order..

IMG_7101 copy

something like this. a plate of SOMETHING. there was even ice cream on toast which looked.. weird.

IMG_7099 copy

this costs 4900won that’s about RM14. this isn’t as worth it because there’s only one scoop of ice cream but oh well, they have a waffle with it plus decos and all.

IMG_7083 copy

but usually people order a PINT. you didn’t get me wrong. one whole PINT! in Malaysia it costs around.. RM25?? but here it’s only 6300won if I am not wrong. which is around RM18. for that kind of price in Malaysia you would have to wait till the end of the month and go through a long hazardous queue to get it.

the best thing about eating it here is.. it isn’t too sweet. the bad part? well, of course there’s a bad part to everything. they wouldn’t lure you to the counter and ask you to try on every flavour hahaha. I guess they have stopped doing that too in KL. =P.

IMG_7093 copy


IMG_7102 copy

the eyes roll!! and the whole snowman wiggles *ifyougetwhatimean*.

I’ve always loved gifts, and I always will. typical Malaysian. and Koreans love giving gifts. it’s a happy place for me to live in =D.

IMG_7090 copy

잘먹겠습니다! jalmeogesseumnida! NOM ALL THE ICE CREAM!

just look at how huge one pint is. and they had to stack it up like a mountain! =3. but they carefully weighed the ice cream so everyone gets their fair share.

IMG_7108 copy

cakes here are really pretty. not only the ones in Baskin Robbins but I guess these cakes are like our Secret Recipe cakes as Koreans love getting Baskin Robbins cake for their Birthdays =D.

IMG_7106 copy

this is a 3 storey high shop. the bottom has no tables. solely for ordering. I sat on the 2nd floor which was already full when I left and I saw many people going upstairs to the 3rd floor too. here, you have to decide on what you want, pay, and THEN you select the flavours.

PS : trust me. eating Ice Cream on a cold day is really nice. you feel cold outside, but you won’t get chills eating ice cream here, especially because it’s pretty warm in the shop.

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Sook kuan
Sook kuan
12 years ago

Omg the pen so cute ! Hope they still giving it when I go there !!!!

12 years ago

I fell in love with Baskin Robbins when I first had it in Taipei. Later on I tried it at JB and the taste was quite different and not that nice.

I was in Seoul for 2 weeks but always didn’t get to eat it. I was full of regret on the bus back to Incheon Airport and to my surprise there was an outlet there!! But……I was in a rush to do my tax refund and missed having it again. Duhzz.. Totally no fate ~>.<~

P/s: Loving your Korean posts!

12 years ago

wahha!! I wannttt !!!!! i didnt try this when i was in sad

12 years ago

Oh nice! ddnt know there was a difference!

12 years ago

cheaper?! wow! yes! now everyone can BR! =DDD

jenny elaine
jenny elaine
11 years ago

heyy jamie. i really love your blog. it has a lot of useful informations about korea.
are you still in korea?it would be really helpful cause i’m in seoul now looking for language school.