Prada, one of the leading fashion labels in the world has always been known for it’s classy designs which matches every high fashion line of clothings. Celcom on the other hand, is the most trustworthy telecommunication brand as it has the widest coverage and it always has a stable line.

and hence, Celcom and Prada is the perfect match as they are one of the best at their own line. no point having such a beautiful phone without coverage right?

IMG_6000 copy

here’s a glimpse of how the Prada phone by LG look like. it’s sleek, black and very classy. the camera is 8MP and you can record full HD 1080p videos with it! whenever I look for a phone, I want to know if the camera is good. because sometimes when you forget to bring your camera, your phone will have to take it’s place! =D.

the specs of the LG Prada 3.0 :

Display LG Prada has a 4.3 inches capacitive display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels, Proximity sensor, Multi-Touch & a TFT screen.
Operating System
: Android 2.3 Gingerbread (The Prada Look).
Dual core 1000 MHz Processor with 1 GB of RAM.
8 MP Auto-Focus LED camera capable of recording videos of 1080p (Full HD) at 30 frames per second. A Front camera of 1.3 MP for video calling purposes.
1540 mAh battery (4.33 hours of talktime and 330 hours of standby).
8 GB of internal memory and can be expanded upto 32 GB using a SD Card.
Dimensions: 5.02 x 2.72 x 0.33 (127.5 x 69 x 8.5 mm).
Weight & Body : 
138 gms & a thin body of 0.33 inches.

impressive, ey? but being able to go to the launch event of this amazing phone is even more impressive. because instead of having a guy talk about the phone on the stage while we listen below, they used a different approach, and that’s by having their pretty models and people introduce the phone to us personally, just like a friend introducing us good stuff!

IMG_6037 copy

my date of the day, Joseph Lee Germani! there is actually a Vlog contest going on for us Nuffnangers (now you know why Joseph is here T_T.) where you just have to create a Vlog on why Celcom and Prada are the Perfect Match! =D. then you should upload it on your Youtube page/blog page. the contests ends on 28th of March and you should submit your video URL to Nuffnang.

Grand Prize: RM2,500 voucher + PRADA Phone
2nd Prize: RM1,500 voucher + PRADA Phone
3rdPrize: RM1,000 voucher

IMG_6046 copy

the PRADA PHONE! the huge PRADA behind is enough to make you look posh and classy by just holding on to it.

IMG_6030 copy

this is Chiang Lee Ming or just simply Ming. she’s my favourite local Fashion Blogger. you can just see it by the way she dresses. very original and stylish. and her blog is filled with fashionable eye candies! I’ve always wished that I own her wardrobe. =/.

IMG_6007 copy

describing about the Prada Celcom packages. note that the first 100 people to get this phone from selected Blue Cube outlets will get an excludive PRADA Bluetooth given away by Celcom.

and some information on the best plans on Celcom for this awesome Prada phone!


RRP : RM2,299

Celcom Exec 50 + Celcom Broadband mBasic

Celcom Exec 50 + Celcom Broadband mAdvance

Celcom Exec 250

Monthly Commitment




Data Allocation




Upfront rebate

RM25 x 12

RM25 x 12

RM50 x 12

12 mths contract (device price)




18 mths contract (device price)




for more information you can always visit their site at  =D.

IMG_6014 copy

these are the beautiful models I was talking about. there were more of them but here’s a few. =D. usually models just poses there like a mannequin but these chatty models are really really friendly.

IMG_6017 copy

the desserts corner got all of us bloggers go gaga. they were scrumptious. from creme brulee to macarons. everything’s so delectable.

IMG_6018 copy

and our main course of the day. they served quiche!

IMG_6020 copy

pasta, lamb balls, chicken teriyaki and mini quiche =3.

IMG_6021 copy


IMG_6005 copy

we all had tested how fast and smooth Celcom works with the PRADA phone. with Shin Yee, Ming and Cindy =D.

IMG_6015 copy

Ming, Shin Yee, Jane and Ashley! they are all such fashionistas with awesome hair and I felt pressured having a picture with them pfft.

IMG_6040 copy

whenever there is Ming in the picture, the picture look more professional. we were all so surprised when she told us that most of the pictures she posted on her blog are shot with her compact camera.

IMG_6056 copy

and the adorable Ashley! she may seem quiet most of the time but she’s actually pretty friendly when you talk to her! in fact she’s also very humble and shy =P.

IMG_6054 copy

and the queen of the night who walked away with the PRADA phone on the posing contest, Jane. she was telling me that she really wants the phone and she got it. OH ISN’T SHE JUST LUCKY!

IMG_6033 copy

the old friends. it’s always amazing how you look back and you remember how long you’ve been friends with a certain person but it doesn’t actually feel that far away when it is. but the worst thing is, you’ll notice how much older you are now too pfft.

Joseph, don’t you just love my camera? you always look extra good in it. =D.

Here’s my video! Hope you like it!

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12 years ago

lucky Chuckei. But hey… you’re lucky enough to take pic with them too right? 😉 Ahh everyone looks pretty gorgeous over here.. Including u babe! <3

12 years ago

oh pretty prada phones! 🙂 love the gigantic screen

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12 years ago

Nice! I saw it on Thursday d hahahaha! The screen is the same size as my S2 but somehow the Prada looks bigger because of it’s square edges.

12 years ago

Stylish!!!!!! Like!!!!!

12 years ago

the mini quiche look like egg tart lol