although Seoul is quite an affordable place to shop at, most things are pretty (to me, VERY.) expensive especially if you shop at malls liek Doota and so on. other than Dongdaemun, the alternative choice is Edae. I’ve previously blogged about Edae briefly but I would like to focus more on this one super crowded lane in Edae.

I went there about 5 and it was REALLY REALLY crowded.

IMG_7506 copy

like this. on your way walking to Ewha Univ. there is a smaller lane on the left with a lot of people. and there is where you should start your shopping adventure.

IMG_7507 copy

they sell from weird unique accessories..

IMG_7508 copy

to creative badges.

IMG_7521 copy

and of course, CLOTHES! if you were wondering. 5,000won is around RM15. heck, that’s cheaper than Sungei Wang Plaza! but something I would like to say is that.. you should really do some research on materials before you shop here. I recently bought a skirt which is really cheap but after I wore it once the material starts to form balls on its surface. =S.  but usually clothes with higher content of cotton wouldn’t have that problem. so yeah, know the material.

IMG_7514 copy

other than fashionable korean clothes, there are also UNIQUE korean clothes. in Korea, it is not weird at all wearing like that. basically you can wear anything you want and nobody will think that you’re weird. they might look at you if you sing out loud in the streets though where I’ve seen numerous times.

IMG_7517 copy

and more clothes.

IMG_7516 copy

or maybe you are looking for shoes? shoes in Edae starts from 10,000won. but they are not all comfortable. Koreans all sacrifice for the name of beauty. as you should already know. haha.

IMG_7518 copy


IMG_7519 copy

clothes again. in Korea, girls prefer to wear clothes that are more covered up on top. so you would most likely NOT find any tube dresses or tops in shops that sell casual wear.

IMG_7510 copy

every single time I look at a Nichkhun poster, I cannot help but to admire his perfect face.

IMG_7515 copy

think Edae is only for the girls? well, fret not because there are shops for the guys as well! though less but at least there is a few right?

IMG_7524 copy

bags costs also from 10,000won onwards. but these days bags here have raised their price (even beauty brands. sigh.) so it is not as affordable for students anymore. but in Edae, you could still find cheaper bags and clothes =D.

directions : get off at Ewha Woman’s Univ. station and take the Ewha Woman’s University exit. walk towards the University and you’d find a crowded street on the left. walk into it =D.

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Sook kuan
Sook kuan
10 years ago

I saw pretty shoes !

10 years ago


can you also please blog about shopping in sinchon ladies street? or is this the one? lol

10 years ago

I like tis place too! bt last time when i was there, it was very very vey very crowded. cant even walk..

10 years ago

shopped at this area too got a top for 5000 won think it’s a great buy :)! am missing Seoul !

10 years ago

Hi Jamie!
This might be a silly question, but are there changing rooms/fitting rooms at these little clothing shops? I have never been to East Asia before, and would LOVE to shop like mad if I ever make it, but I am tall for a girl (even by American standards), so I have no idea if I could squeeze myself into the super cute Korean clothes! I’d be so disappointed if I bought some adorable skirt, and it looked vulgar cause it was too short or tight, you know!

10 years ago

Do you think Edae here gonna open since 8.30am?? I mean the shops along the lanes.

10 years ago

blog about dongdaemun please! 😀

9 years ago

Love your post^^ Can we exchange link ?
Do you mind to share where got nice saloon for hair perm ?

9 years ago

hey… can do me a favour??? You know the sport shoes brand “paperplane” in korea? Do they have offline shop?

Here is the link…

I dunno korean, so I need someone help me~~ plsssss