Laura Mercier launched their shop in Sunway Pyramid last Thursday and I thought it would really be productive to be there because everybody who knows me knows that I am terrible in putting on make up (and curling my hair. le sigh.)

IMG_6203 copy

with Jodi Riley, a popular make up artist from the US.

IMG_6193 copy

Jodi having a demo showing us how Hollywood stars look fabulous all the time =D.

IMG_6226 copy

and the final product!

IMG_6231 copy

the model is really pretty too @____@. don’t she just look like Lee Sinje? maybe they are related hahaha.

IMG_6223 copy

the classy packaging of Laura Mercier’s make up.

IMG_6190 copy

om nom nom nom nom.

IMG_6225 copy

and more nom nomables.

IMG_6207 copy

I also had my make up touched up by a Laura Mercier’s make up artist! and Andy too =P.

IMG_6234 copy

with Natalie Fong and Charis.

IMG_6197 copy

and to Mandy whose Birthday just passed a few days ago, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! <3.

IMG_6240 copy

goodies I got from the event. which I later on used on my make up for my casual shooting session with Andy the next day. the make up artist taught me a few tricks so tell me how my make up look! =D.

IMG_6264 copy

she commented that I would not suit heavy make up so I can only put a little eyeshadow. nothing too thick.


IMG_6266 copy1

natural ey?

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9 years ago

You look gorgeous! 🙂 I think the light makeup suits you, but i think you would look good in smokey eye makeup too, if it’s for evening occasions or clubbing, hehe. 🙂

kucing dengan tikus
9 years ago

Indeed! Light Makeup suit you very much!! 😀

9 years ago

OMG Jamie so leng =D and i’m jealous cuz you got full sized products! D:

9 years ago

light makeup flatters you well. loved the goodies and the makeup bag that night. not used all of them but i’ve also picked up some good tips that i have started using lately.

9 years ago

That makeup is stunning on you! It’s a very romantic look, I think. I don’t know what it is about my skin, but my eye makeup tends to slide off my eyes, and gives me dark circles underneath, so I look like a zombie instead of romantic or sexy! So lame.

Sarvin Sidhu
7 years ago

You look really pretty!