good news because Celcom, whom had always brought us great deals and rewards, alongside with the latest phones AND TABLETS in town is going to give us EVEN GREATER DEALS!

where? when? what time?

the place : Concourse, Low Yat Plaza, KL
the date : 26 March – 1 April 2012
and time : 10am – 10pm

just a little sneak peak of whats going to be there..


have any of you laid eyes on the new sleek Samsung GALAXY Tab Plus yet? here in Korea, it’s like the big hit because you can see most professional looking people using this macho phone. but as macho a it seems, there are many ladies using them too!



or if the 7 inch is too small for you.. there’s the 10.1 and 8.9 inch ones! if you love big gadgets like me, why not go on over to Low Yat one of these few days and stalk the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1? it’s selling from only RM1,178! don’t you dare tell me this deal isn’t awesome. because you know it is.

PLUS, there are so many freebies! from screen protectors to book case covers to keyboard dock which worth RM299 (!!!!).

the I LOVE TABLET FAIR isn’t actually just all about Tablets. but smartphones too!


have always wanted that awesome white iPhoneS you’ve been drooling over for a while? well, I’ve always been drooling over it =/. just too bad I’m not in Malaysia. it’s so affordable now! at only RM558 you can be the owner of your dream iPhoneS with SIRI being your friend when you have nobody else to talk to. the perks of getting it that day is that you can have free casing + screen protector. iPhone screen protectors ain’t cheap.


a workaholic that needs everything to be well organized? then the BlackBerry would be perfect for you. either being a postpaid or a prepaid user, you’d get the 6 months free BlackBerry Advance services. but if you’re on postpaid. then you’d save more $$.


or the Xperia S. my sister was using this phone for a while and I have to say.. it’s really not bad. I love how smooth it is. and the design is very nice as well. but the best of all, if you’re the 1st 50 customers to purchase this phone.. you’d get that Sony LiveView Accessory for free! it’s worth a lot okay!


and le sexy LG Prada. you know you want this. especially girls. I hope I’ll win the video contest so I can join le sexy LG Prada club! =D. the Prada Bluetooth worth a lot and you can get it for FREE! so you might really want to reconsider about getting this phone!

whatever it is, with purchase of any Samsung smartphones, you’ll receive awesome FREEBIES!


of course not.

at the I LOVE TABLET FAIR 2012, at random/surprise hours in a day, Celcom will be announcing some super-special-surprise deals on some of the most WANTED tablet and smartphones! I don’t know what it is either.. well, just be there anytime from Monday-Sunday and listen up for the surprise announcements! be sure not to miss it!

Celcom never fails to surprise me. at launches, events.. everything. they are just full of surprises! it could be.. buy 1 free 1???? or maybe.. an additional 50% off??? I don’t know! what’s your guess?

go in my place, and tell me what’s the surprise!

furthermore, Celcom has always been a very trustworthy telco provider which has won various awards such as the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Broadband provider 2 years in a ROW! I’ve gotten firsthand experience with its famous stable connection while going on the web and streaming videos and also their awesome network quality as Celcom has the WIDEST network coverage anywhere in Malaysia; indoors, outdoors or on-the-go! and that’s enough reasons for you to choose Celcom as your network provider!

PSST!!! latest update! on Saturday, 31st March 2012, Celcom will have HOURLY from 12:30pm-9:30pm lucky draw at Tablet Fair 2! one winner will be drawn to enjoy SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 7 PLUS at only RM397 + FREE 1 MONTH Celcom Broadband Advance worth RM98!!! to qualify, customers just need to sign up for any Celcom plans on the day at Tablet Fair! T&C apply. purchase of device without plan subscription not qualified.

for more information, please visit www.celcom.com.my/smartphones .

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