or the Hongdae Art Market as how I would prefer to call it.

located right next to the Hongdae playground, this little flea market is pretty interesting. mostly things handmade. I dare not go close to each shop to capture their products as some had a no picture sign on it. =(. if I am not mistaken some of the vendors are students from Hongik University =D.

IMG_6927 copy

opens at 1pm every Saturday (from March to November)

I’ve always wanted to come here to take a look at the artsy stuff the people make to sell.

IMG_6928 copy

they sell things from handmade rings, bags, hats, shoes to portraiture drawing. I reached at about 1240 where many shops were still preparing to open. and in a while, it snowed!

IMG_6925 copy

want to see how you’d look in a superman/dinosaur suit? =D.

IMG_6932 copy

for a reasonable price or 7,000won, you can have your very own self portrait!

IMG_6924 copy

the famous Hongdae playgrounds with the craziest amount of graffiti.

IMG_6937 copy

even the playground is graffiti-ed!

IMG_6930 copy

this is how I wore when it snowed. it was pretty warm that morning! just not until later…………. =S.

anyways! here are the directions


(credits to the Visit Korea website for the directions!)

I don’t exactly know how to explain on how to get there. but here’s how the Visit Korea website described. if you know where is Hongik Univ, just walk towards it and turn right. that’s all I know haha.


you will then see convenience stores on your right and the playground on your left. it’s a little uphill as you can see from this picture above.

the snow is too light to be captured on camera pfft. it was snowing when I took this picture!

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12 years ago

Jamie!! How are you doing in Seoul?? I went to Hongik Free Market too. Love that place and was really cold the day I went (it was like -2 i guess). My friends bought something from the market, but I took lotsa photos and videos. Too bad didn’t get a chance to meet you when you reached Incheon. I was actually flying back to Malaysia the day you reached. Hope you enjoy your study and stay in Seoul. Hope that next year will be my turn…Heh heh!!

12 years ago

Love reading your blog! Blog more hehe 😀

12 years ago

Aiks… google brought me here again.. ermm really envy of how you can study there in Seoul.
I’m always a fans of all the K stuff K-pop , K-Drama , K etc.. , by reading your blog especially those in Seoul really make me feel / have strong urge to go over and take a look XD ..

Anyway do hope you have great there..

11 years ago

hi jamie is the free market open during winter? Eg january

10 years ago

Did you buy the phone too after going there or did you just buy the connection (read: sim card)? Which model is it? I contacted KT and they told me to bring a phone with 3G supporting 2100 MHz, or the cheapest one they had is some 4G LTE model for around 300,000 KRW.