there’s less than 100 hours left. and each day it seems like my heart is pounding even more. it might be normal for some of my friends who have been living abroad without their famiy since they’re young but as for me, I’ve never actually really washed my own clothes with a washing machine. or iron a pile of clothes. eventhough I can cook, it’s not like I need my cooking skills there because I’ll be living in a homestay where food is already nicely prepared and all I have to do is wait for it.


a few days ago I invited some of my closest friends over. nothing too big, just a tiny little dinner for 10. Andy’s (as in AndyKho) not in the picture. still waiting for the pictures from his camera ^^.

the title of my event is actually KERABU NIGHT. where I made these really really really spicy kerabu chicken. the last time, my friend drank the whole jug of water. but he had 3 bowls of rice as well. making you salivate? sorry. =P.


this is how my Kerabu look like! basically its a sour and spicy dish with the nice smelling aroma of that pink flower. I don’t know what it’s called. =S. but you use it for Asam Laksa too! and lemon grass =D.


my dad was saying how rude I was for only thinking about Kerabu so he made me two extra dishes. this is a Hunan dish focusing on brocolli and bacon.


and his famous curry chicken. =D.

IMG_6076 copy

Vivien, Ginny, Natalie, myself, MJ, Joseph and Wei Zhong. all very dear to me.

Nat, Joseph and Andy made me so happy by having two huge plates of rice. it really flatters my Kerabu! <3. you’ll have it a year later, so at the mean time try not to think about my Kerabu.

KERABU KERABU KERABU KERABU KERABU!!! nyeheeheheh. *evil smiles*

IMG_6081 copy

and a family picture. old school style. hehehe. (hundreds more in Andy’s camera)

IMG_6086 copy

this is Mr. Zhong whom was a close friend for the 4th year now and counting and Christine, somebody I could click with very well right away at our first meeting.

IMG_6092 copy

Mr. Mata Sepet. it’s hard finding true friends these days but this guy here is definitely one that is true to everyone. it’s true.

IMG_6079 copy

supposedly sisterly picture but I cannot help staring at my hair. okay Gin, you’re right. I shall let you do the honour of cutting it for me wth.

but these 3 girls here are so different, when they come together, you’d smile all the way just by looking at them talk hahahaha. thank you, you 3 for being all girly for me to paint your nails =D.

IMG_6102 copy

and the late comers. Eric and Sam. they came when Joseph was about to go! well, just Sam who’s super late but at least he brought me the o2mania installation I’ve always wanted! =D. THANK YOU SAM! and these two brothers came after another and both ate the same way. they are both pigs when it come to food. HAHAHAHA. =P.

DSC01676 copy

I had my own private farewell errr… tea time with MIAO!!! this Miao is going back to Kuching so we won’t see him around in KL for a long time now =(. MIAO PLEASE MOVE TO KL! (when I come back HAHAHA)

Miao = Jian Goh << he has always been shy so this is how the cute guy behind all the cute comics look like =D.

my latest farewell dinner was at an authentic Japanese restarurant yesterday which I will update seperately. wait up for my food post! =P.

PS : Jeremy who went overseas and Christopher who couldn’t make it for NO GOOD REASON pfft. you both will be tortured by me soon.

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12 years ago

haha waiting for your next food post. =p

12 years ago

It’s time for great new journey soon! =D Study hard and have fun at the same time yo

12 years ago

I can’t help but stare at your hair too! How do you maintain such long hair?

12 years ago

aww good luck in your future undertakings and keep blogging bout nice food 😀

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kucing dengan tikus
12 years ago

Bon voyage!! 😀 do visit me when u come back later hahahah

12 years ago

u leaving adi now only wanna give me the honour. MEH.


No$talgia Ninja
12 years ago

Good luck hey. One part of the book closes, another opens. It’s a beautiful part of life that we must take part in.

Ironically enough, Next week I start work <:-S so nervous but excited 😀

Lol I just hope the Christopher you're speaking of isn't me… lol such a common name though so I don't blame ya 🙂