one of the best places in Seoul for cheap shopping is Edae. you pronounce it as ee-dae.

IMG_7082 copy

but of course, you don’t shop on the main street of Edae. go to the smaller alleys. =D.

IMG_7117 copy

they sell these wired hairbands =D.

IMG_7081 copy

and on the main street, you will find this shop named Maki. it sells cute little things which are pretty unique =D.

IMG_7080 copy

the truth behind these Korean glasses is that…… it’s sold everywhere, but I saw more people wearing it as a fashion wear in Malaysia compared to here.

IMG_7079 copy

absolutely beautiful shop U_U.

there are plenty of clothing shops just like Hongdae but I think that the ones here are slightly cheaper.

IMG_7078 copy

get your hairbands from shops like these and try to haggle with the ajumma!

IMG_7076 copy

everybody here wears the 200+ ringgit university jacket. they all look similar! I am still considering if I should get the Yonsei one T_T. painful on the purse. =S.

IMG_7075 copy

AUNTIE ANNES IN KOREA! shoes are also cheaper when it’s on these vendor stalls.

IMG_7074 copy

Snoopy cafe closed down =(. now it’s the DISH.

IMG_7073 copy

entrance to Ewha Women’s University.


and a shop you must absolutely visit. KOSNEY! the shop that I’ve been to the most since I’ve been here. I don’t actually buy stuff there. I just like to look at stuff there. it’s all so pretty!

IMG_7072 copy

just to let you have an idea of what they sell. from notebooks to pencil cases to pillows….. basically everything you don’t need before you see it. hehehe. their camera bags are awesome much but very expensive U_U.

IMG_7071 copy

this is actually a T-Money (korean touch and go) handphone accessory! cute ey?!

IMG_7168 copy

something you can find in Kosney. a MOUSTACHE pen. #likeasiress.

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12 years ago

This place is like heaven to me! I really love to buy cute unique things..

Yee Mei
12 years ago

OMG! Why everything seems so cute in Japan and Korea :DD

12 years ago

Your blog is so cute! ^O^ I found it on a whim while searching for blogs for people studying abroad at Yonsei.

I’m also studying at Yonsei through the KLI program. I’m in KLI level 2! =)

I know what you mean about orientation (from your previous post). I also thought we were going to do ice-breakers and have more opportunities to meet people T_T I was sad that I didn’t have a chance to meet more people =(

Something to Note: In a previous post I saw you talked about the Cat Cafe, but I noticed you mentioned that you are more of a “pro-dog” person (I’m also more pro-dog than cat ^O^ Not that I have anything against cats, I’m just more of a dog lover =P). Just FYI, there is a dog cafe in Mapo-gu. It’s called Dog Cafe Bau House. It’s the same as the cat cafe, but just filled with dogs instead of cats =D I haven’ been there, but it’s on my list of things to do while I’m here. Let me know if you’d like the address, and I will post it!

12 years ago

Yes, lol sorry I didn’t make that clear =P For spring term I’m in level 2! I’m currently in Korea now and it’s my first term/quarter at Yonsei, but I’ve been to Korea before on a short-term cultural/health & immigration (basically non-language studies) study abroad before! =)

Also sorry I haven’t read all of your previous blog posts, I just found your blog recently so I didn’t know that you’ve already been to the dog cafe (my bad =P)

I’m not Malaysian (that’s the first time someone has ever asked me that though ^.^), I’m Japanese-American ^O^_V. I love Korean dramas, K-Pop, and pretty much everything Korean though (but especially Korean dramas and K-Pop =P)

Oh btw on another side note =P: I saw that you took a picture of Cheonggyecheon stream during the day which was posted on your Facebook. Have you been there at night though? If you haven’t you definitely should. It’s super pretty at night when it’s lit up ^O^

12 years ago

Hi it’s me again lol. I wondet where to buy the hello kitty head t-money card. Ley me know if u happen to see it. I will get one when i’m there

12 years ago

i was looking for the charlie brown cafe too – and its now turn to a pasta place … disappointed.. but manage to get some great pictures and some shopping done 🙂 and the fish cake/ street food is nice too :).. wonder if the new cafe next to Ehwa university is open already?

by the way, my friends and i went to Garosugil too and i think its a great place to hang out as well, we went to coffee smith cafe and spotted a star lee Jin wook just sitting next to our table 🙂 – am really missing seoul!

11 years ago

I plan to go there , just womder which day i should go weekday or weekend ? Any suggestion ?

11 years ago

Hey, can I check with you what is the opening hours of this shopping area? And is it easy to get around? Thanks a lot!

11 years ago

I know that shop with beautiful clothes . It’s Natural Laundry , besides Baskin Robbin . am I right ?
the clothes over there are really amazing !