have you ever wondered how some people who can’t cook make delicious dishes that never seemed to fail?

well, as lazy as I can be, here’s one of my secret dish that looks and tastes heavenly but doesn’t actually take much time or effort to make.

IMG_5839 copy

pork ribs. mmm yummy. sweet and delicious. and just 3 ingredients.

I am pretty sure each family has a old rice cooker. like, the REALLY old ones. where you press on a button and wait for it to bounce back up.

so here’s how you do it :

1 part of apple cider
1 part of sugar
1 part of soy sauce

stir everything and turn on the rice cooker. but because my dad can’t take stuff which are tooooo absolutely sweet, I only put 1/3 of sugar each time. but the more sugar, the darker, and the tastier. (I used 6spoonfulls for 1 part for the picture below.)

and the result?

always satisfying.

IMG_5840 copy

if you don’t like pork or think that pork ribs are tad too expensive, you can do it with chicken too! I personally prefer chicken wings. and it’s still oh-so-heavenly.

just remember to stir it once in a while so that it doesn’t get stuck on the bottom.

and you MUST own an old fashioned rice cooker for this. if not, go get one. it’s definitely worth it. I PROMISE.

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Nostalgia Ninja
9 years ago

Can you probably do it in a small pressure cooker if you have experience? I like my meat soft and juicy and a pressure cooker can do that well. We do have a rice pot, and it still does get used quite a lot.

9 years ago

Ahhh looks yumssssssss

Sophia Fay
9 years ago

I cant resist the temptation not to look at those scrumptious ribs. I’ll definitely try cooking this!!
Thanks jaymieeeee :))))

9 years ago

Hey Jamie, that dish looks delicious! i’m going to try cooking it, but i can’t find pure apple cider here. can i use apple cider vinegar instead?

thank you for your reply. 🙂