attention : a lot of disturbingly vain pictures of my face. read with your own risk.

SO! it’s our beloved Nuffnang‘s BIRTHDAY next week.

let’s see how long has Nuffnang been here with us..

IMG_5715 copy

one year? NAH.

IMG_5722 copy

two! too short.

IMG_5724 copy

THREEEE. nope.

IMG_5726 copy

four…? near.

IMG_5710 copy

and yes, IT’S THEIR 5TH BIRTHDAY! and no it doesn’t only stand for FIVE. it is the STICKMAN’S SIGNATURE POSE!



so the question is, how should the Famous Nuffnang Stickman celebrate his birthday!

since Nuffnang’s Co-Founder, Timothy Tiah had a meme proposal, WHY NOT A MEME PARTY?! it’s not like we have to wear a mask on our faces. but say, pose like a meme in at least a few pictures in conjunction with Timothy’s proposal success! so here’s some examples of what we all can do to tease Timothy’s proposal in a fun and happy way =P.

just in case you don’t know what meme’s are. look at the little characters whom I’m trying to imitate OR visit

IMG_5796 copy

I am pretty close. after I edited this picture, I was thinking, why not have larger pictures?!

IMG_5762 copy1

okay, these are not so close, but you know you can do better. NEXT BATCH!

IMG_57912 copy2

you know that I totally won in the “this feels awesome” face. >=D. okay, stop laughing now =(.

IMG_5785 1copy

okay that top left picture is impossible to imitate. pfft.

IMG_5753 copy

puking rainbows ftw. you know you can do these faces too. easily.

IMG_5776 copy

LOL face is awesome. yes?

IMG_5761 copy2

so Nuffnang, what do you think of my idea?

IMG_5729 copy2

Nuffnang : you must be kidding. too much of a hassle. I’ll think about it.

IMG_5750 copy2


IMG_5816 copy

remember! you said you’ll think about it!


okay the post of a zillion of my ugly faces ends here.

as for today, I had my 2nd shooting (I don’t usually go for these because it’s awkward. but because this time the photographers are my close friends so.. ) ^_____________^. which I don’t know how it went. only retrieved one picture so far.

Jamie-1 copy

I think I am only a great look-at-the-camera-with-that-photostated-smile person. I think I’d look weird “candid”. hmm. oh well, I shall wait for the pictures! will update them soon.

IMG_5583 copy

like this picture because it looks like as if I have a ring lighting. hahaha. okay, that’s all for now!

I am having the most horrible time packing now. my room is messy like a bin. 2 suitcases already filled. and those were only clothes. I still have my maggi, milo, shoes and accessories! *dies*. those winter clothes are so bulky (AND HEAVY).


IMG_5545 copy

(Sam, sorry for the troll heheheh.)

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kucing dengan tikus
12 years ago

hahahah banyak sama lar with meme XD

12 years ago

hahas meme for Tim huh? good luck in winning an invite 🙂

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12 years ago

Nice shots and funny photos… But why on some of them you look on this opposite side, not the same side as on the drawing????? But anyway you seems to be a great actress

Jackey yew
Jackey yew
12 years ago

Hahhaa !! hahh Same Is All Same !! OMG I Can’t Stop Laughing !! But Is Cute Also lol .. hahaha !!! Funny !!

Nostalgia Ninja
12 years ago

Haha you nailed it Jamie, I wonder if you’re gonna get an invite again (holding thumbs for ya!)

12 years ago

Really nice poses….

*Not Bad* 😛

12 years ago

wahahah, this made me LOL. no kidding. :p
i declare this my mostest favoritest post in
i can’t pick my #1 meme imitation. all of them are awesome. =P

12 years ago

Has anyone ever told you from some angles you look a lil korean?

12 years ago

Cutest facial expressions with the memes! So cute!

12 years ago

verrryyy expressive! haha 🙂

12 years ago

Haha….i love the idea!!

12 years ago

lol so funny! esp the lol face and puking rainbow lol lol

11 years ago

Omg, I crylaughed to memefaces :”’D

I shall distribute this link ^_^

Thanks, you’re awesome xD