so delicious I get hungry looking at it!

IMAG2076 copy

it’s probably the easiest nail design EVER. because you don’t exactly need to have extra stable hands or any konad tools or brushes. just dot it!

steps :

1. dot green and blue dots in random.
2. fill 50% of the holes with yellow topping it.
3. add pink for better contrast!

all you need?

IMAG2079 copy

baby colours. I forgot where I got the pink but the milky green, yellow and blue are all from Etude House, that Korean brand BRANDED IN PINK. =D.

DSC03141 copy

Etude House Christmas decoration in Korea. which reminds me, I haven’t blogged about Myeong Dong yet!

see what I mean by it BRANDED IN PINK? the whole place is practically bursting in pink.

PS : fuh I love my HTC camera. it’s pretty awesom when there’s light. my camera is in the service centre. =(.

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12 years ago

I didn’t know that this kind of “nails painting” was French style, maybe because I am from France (OK originally from Tunisia, but still from France LOL) and I never so that over there… It’s funny how they can put FRENCH label on everything, especially food and fashion… Anyway, enjoy having fun with this, and it’s pretty nice on your fingers

12 years ago

haha now i know what’s french style. haha wonder if there’s malaysia style? =p

12 years ago

nice way to paint nail! simple and nice! try it next time xP

12 years ago

Wow! That’s another creative way to paint french style nails… Alternative way beside the normal, common french tips 😀 Thanks for sharing!

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10 years ago

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