Gyeongbokgung is the LARGEST palace in South Korea, and also the most popular. reach before 4pm if you would like to visit it in winter season. or 5pm if not in winter.

unfortunately, I reached at about 430 and missed the entry. because I took my own sweet time over at Changdeokgung and slowly walked over to Gyeongbokgung. hahaha. yes, it’s walking distance. but it’s not exactly near. it’s funny that we actually followed the road signs for cars to get to Gyeongbokgung heheheh.

IMG_1845 copy

what’s behind me is the Gwanghwamun gate directly facing the main road. that’s just the first gate of the palace. fuh. and from this gate to the next? probably another 100m walk.

TIP : see that thing bulging out from my jeans? battries die 50% faster in cold weather. so it’s best to keep it around your body so it can last longer =D.

IMG_1838 copy

and the NEXT gate of Gyeongbokgung. even more grand. but this is the gate where you need your pass to get in. eventhough according to wikipedia, there are THREE GATES.

IMG_1840 copy

awesome place to take pictures though. =D.

IMG_1858 copy

the second gate, the Heungnyemun gate in close up =3. look at those details!

IMG_1854 copy

I peeked through the second gate and that’s the third gate! I guess the second gate is still the prettiest!

Geunjeongmun, the third gate.

IMG_1860 copy

translator lady in hanbok! korean traditional clothing.

IMG_1875 copy

outside Gwanghwamun and met this group of very cute kids! T_________T. MUST TAKE PICTURE WITH ALL OF THEM!

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12 years ago

Nice temple. How come you did follow the car way??? Hope you did enjoy it and it seems to be a great place

12 years ago

why u no bring me =(((((

12 years ago

really a nice place to take photo!

12 years ago

hi Jamie, i really like those pretty cafe along the sam cheong dong and would like to go there next week. Can u let me know how to go there? and what is the palace near that street? U hav visited so many palace which one do u recommend? thanks!