just a few hours ago, Maybank; a bank we Malaysians all know and is proud of it’s convenience especially in the online banking, launched their new App on Facebook!

I find the Maybank Thank You WEEK an inspirational event as it reminds us that we should be grateful to every family, friend, colleague or relative. and hence, we should express what we really feel inside with a “thank you” because just a simple word can lighten up or even warm the hearts of that particular person.

you should watch this video below. a thank you message from Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, the CEO and President of the Maybank Group.

it’s the end of the year, and you might probably have flash backs on what happened and you know it was a pretty great year and you know who was there for you. so why not take this chance alongside with Maybank’s convenient App to express your gratitude to whom you think matters? just try it. all you need is FACEBOOK to access to this App. I am sure EVERYONE OF YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!


just hop on over to Maybank’s Facebook page and look for the “Thank You Week!” link on the left side under Maybank’s Profile Picture.


and it will deliver you to this page! if you’ve already watched the video I posted, you may click “Start thanking now” =D.


and you’ll find all steps such as uploading a picture with the Thank You Salute with your message and then finally, proceed to selecting friends you want to thank =).


I uploaded a more cheeky looking picture of me saluting as it resembles the true me, where I am always giggly and silly but at the same time, I mean it.


and after uploading your picture and message, just wait for it to be filtered and soon enough, YOU’LL SEE YOUR PICTURE HERE! well I am still waiting for mine…

but this is all you need to do to thank somebody whom you care about! so simple, and it puts a smile on their face. =).

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