Since I don’t know which group to start with so I’ll go according to the sequence of how they came out for the concert. I was pretty late so I only heard 2 songs performed by Miss A. they were really beyond my expectations. great voice, really. I didn’t like their songs so much but when they sang it live it was actually really nice!

IMG_3515 copy

don’t Faye Jia look like she’s shooing Suzy to the back? EHEHE, just saying =D.

they had awesome cheoreographers. but those laying on the stage dances are pretty hard for people behind to see. I was sitting at the VIP area so it was still alright but it’s still a little difficult to see. couldn’t imagine people behind me, standing. but for those at the Rock Zone, I bet they loved it much. =P.

IMG_3513 copy

this is how it actually looks.

IMG_3522 copy

for Suzy’s fans. I believe Suzy had the most fans here since Miss A is not very famous here yet, but Dream High is.

IMG_3528 copy

B1A4! HONESTLY, they all look so young. so tehy aren’t actually my type. but surprisingly they performed very well! I actually liked their songs and all =3. but I still couldn’t recognize any of them. I can only recognize CNU since he always tie his hair haha. the others seriously.. they all look the same. don’t believe me? look at this :

don’t you agree? they are almost like quadruplets..? since its twins, triplets and… ok whatever T_T.

IMG_3533 copy


IMG_3532 copy

super cute. swingging their butts around hahaha. totally entertaining! <3.

and I just noticed why their name is B1A4. initially I really have NO IDEA. until a week ago I got to know that asking blood types are almost like asking “what’s your hobby?” in Korea. apparently, being blood type B is bad because you’re more likely to be a player. there was even a movie, “my boyfriend is blood type B” about it! blood type A : a perfectionist. blood type O : always late and has principle! blood type AB : very laid back. so what blood type are you? there was this awesome comic about blood types my friend sent me! shall I post about it?

ANYWAY. why they are called B1A4 is because.. 4 of them are blood type A. one blood type B which is Baro. hahahaha.

IMG_3567 copy

really stealing all the teenage girl’s hearts away. hahaha. I’m still a teenager. so you know what I mean =D.

next up, we have F(x)!

IMG_3558 copy

F(x)! look at Amber with the caterpillar hahaha. so cute reminds me of Khuntoria.

I was so happy because they sang all my favourite song (probably everybody elses too). they sang 6 songs. I couldn’t remember all of it but I loved Pinnochio, NU ABO and Hot Summer! Victoria is so very beautiful and Sulli absolutely adorable!

IMG_3550 copy

poor Sulli who was the only one who wore flats. she was 22cm shorter 2 years back when they debuted and she’s now the tallest! Sulli is about 170cm tall I guess. since Victoria is supposed to be 168cm and Sulli looks like she’s than Vic eventhough Vic is in heels. HMM. but it is reported that she is 169cm on the website. IMPOSSIBRUUU. she should have grown even more now. either Vic’s not as tall or Sulli’s shoes have insoles HAHA. I can’t imagine how Sulli is already being called a baby giant. imagine I go to Korea haha. they’ll call me plain giant.

IMG_3543 copy

very cute expression no? hahaha.


IMG_3428 copy

guess the song!

IMG_3424 copy

AND YOU’RE RIGHT! SORRY SORRY! hehehe. the most famous korean dance on earth excluding Nobody. hahaha.

IMG_3418 copy

naega naega naega meonjeo~ nege nege nege bajeo bajeo bajeo boreo baby~ everyone who likes SuJu must at least know this line. teehee. =D.

IMG_3371 copy

with 2 inactive member, and one in the army, there’s only 9 of them left. but lucky my favourite ones are all still here U_U.

and shall you see the Kyuhyun’s singing part?

IMG_3496 copy
IMG_3497 copy
IMG_3498 copy
IMG_3499 copy
IMG_3500 copy
IMG_3502 copy

AWESOME RIGHT?! scroll fast to see it move nyahahhaa.

IMG_3461 copy

for you Sungmin fans.

IMG_3457 copy

and Donghae the Prince Charming sticking his tongue out!

IMG_3456 copy

I can’t help looking at Yesung behind ahhaha.

IMG_3451 copy

Kyuhyun DOES have the most noticeable voice. its nice and it’s special. MM <3.

IMG_3443 copy

and the guy with the voice that can touch your heart, Yesung. my favourite also =D. they sang 10 songs in total and only Yesung had a solo. he sang the song “if it’s not you”. IT WAS THE BEST SONG OF THE NIGHT T_T. I literally had goosebumps. and not many singers can do that! even if you don’t understand Korean, you’ll be able to understand what he’s singing as he projects the feelings out perfectly. U_U.

IMG_3389 copy

if they had to pick a prince riding on a white horse from Korea, he’d be it.

IMG_3570 copy

I know that there are a lot of Eunhyuk fans. =D.

IMG_3577 copy

and Siwon fans. I didn’t manage to take everyones pictures since they were on the OTHER SIDE most of the time. T_T.

IMG_3465 copy


IMG_3484 copy

MORE!! all just for Vvens =D. she is the one that actually gave me the oppurtunity to come so I thought it would be nice to do her a favour by taking a lot of Siwon, the guy on her phone’s wallpaper for her. hehehe.

IMG_3589 copy

I WAS THIS NEAR TO KYUHYUN! he doesn’t have the idealistic Korean skin that most people imagine but his looks wins it all!

IMG_3596 copy

and his voice. and now it’s time to say goodbye! *why does it sound so cheesy hmm*

IMG_3644 copy

look to your far right. Sungmin, Donghae and Eunhyuk was doing something really funny. they were holding up a good sign and showing it from left to right. uniformly. haha. and there comes Leeteuk to the front!

IMG_3663 copy


one reason why I love SuJu is because they don’t care so much about how they look because they already know that they are good looking in all of our hearts and so they really enjoy themselves on stage. do you know, some Korean celebrities I met really try their best to perform in a way that they’d look just like they finished their make up touch up even after they finish performing. which.. we fans notices too.

IMG_36692 copy

Natalie and Vivien! they were both working for Mo.a so I kind of sat alone myself T_T. but I really had fun because I am a loner like that pfft. I really like Natalie because she is the best listener on earth and Viviens because she’s the nicest person around. she have a cake and she’ll probably give you half hehehe. these two people are the type that doesn’t hope for anything in return and I guess people like these are what I call true friends. =3.

PS : I am not sure if the DSLR was allowed but since I went in really late I am not sure why I managed to sneak it in but then later I saw a few people with DSLRs inside too. they should allow DSLRs at concerts taking their handphone to record vids have no difference really. it still blocks people behind. hmph.

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12 years ago

waaah!! i love victoriaaa! *vic22, ahem. 😀

long time no visit, but this post isn’t something i can resist. suju and f(x) are 2 of my favorite kpop groups. only 2PM would make this post perfect. <3

haha, i saw and clicked "F(x) and Super Junior’s Fan Meeting" and my eyes instantly spotted "2PM" and saw that you like chansung and khun. they are my 2 biases, too. channie first, khunnie second. okay, i shall now go and read that post. ^^

12 years ago’s not was Jia (blonde hair with fringe)..Faye is the other one standing on the far right in the pic..

12 years ago

I went there toooooooo!!! At the Rock Zoneeeeee~~ 🙂

12 years ago

I don’t spend for albums. Only got one. Even that, I won it from a contest. LOL. I thought it’d be nicer to see them perform live~