NOTE TO ALL : I am not the type of crazy kpop fan that would make a cardboard or hold up some banners or whatsoever. I just enjoy some of their songs and I love their talent. again, I am not a crazy fan. I am just a fan that sits down calmly and enjoy. fuh. there was some girls (about the age of 15?) whom had waited at the hotel for B1A4 (a very new group. the members of people around my age, and younger. and yes, B1A4 have more fansgirls waiting at the hotel compared to Super Junior. but SuJu pawned them at the concert =D. I guess SuJu fans are much more grown up that’s why. hehe.) SINCE 7AM. mad. I know. they could have used the time to do something much more beneficial than to wait outside for THE WHOLE DAY just to catch a GLIMPSE of their favourite stars. “I’ll give my whole day for your 3 seconds, even if you don’t notice me wth.” that is what’s in their mind I guess =S. and you know what’s their reaction after seeing them? well, I so coincidentally saw B1A4 while walking around waiting for the fan meeting HAHAHAHA. okay, their reaction was… “OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE OMG OMG OMG OMG HE PAST BY OH SO HOT…… bla bla bla…. TODAY IS LIKE A DREAM!”


I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Vivien aka vvens for the passes for the press conference!

I was already dreading on not being able to see Nichkhun and Chansung live. not that I am a big fan of 2PM, but I just love Nichkhun and Chansung. okay? teehee. it’s alright for not seeing them perform but I really wanted to meet them. same goes to f(x). but when it comes to Super Junior. that’s a different case. read on to understand why ahhaha.

IMG_3094 copy

I was never lucky when it comes to competitions or anything that requires a lot of luck. that is why I never gamble.

BUT. it’s like as if my prayers were heard. I didn’t get a chance on the lucky draw to get the RM200+ worth tickets nor a chance to take a picture with SuJu and f(x), but a kind lady just handed me a pair of tickets out of NO WHERE. so yup. the night before I got a call from Vivien that I’ll be able to meet my idols and THE NEXT THING I KNOW, I GOT TWO TICKETS THAT WORTH 480+ EACH! I gladly gave the other ticket to Vivien because without her, these won’t happen! and she’s such a sweetheart from ever since I know her T_T.

IMG_3062 copy

hello f(x)! I have been a fan of f(x) ever since their song NU ABO came out. the truth is I didn’t like that song the first time I listented to it U_U. but f(x)’s songs works this way.. the more you listen to it, the better it gets. =D. my sister agrees too.

IMG_3039 copy

I love leeching flash. opps I said it too many times ehehehe. it’s such a pity Krystal (whom I really like from Kiss and Cry, the ice skating show by Yuna Kim) isn’t here U_U. but Victoria and Sulli are REALLY GORGEOUS. and Luna has the best personality and of course, voice too. as for Amber? do I even need to say more? she have the most fans from the fan meeting. completely pleased the crowd. and I was told by my Korean friend that Amber is surprisingly the most beautiful of them all! her glasses was totally blocking her face though T_T.

and to my surprise, Victoria, whom I thought would be the nicest and the most cheerful.. was a little moody at the beginning but got much better at the end =D.

IMG_3030 copy

Amber whom is manly and Ryeowook whom is girly (known best for his bean curd skin and high pitched clear voice). HAHAHA. ain’t this cute. =D.

IMG_2969 copy

Victoria was right in front of me! Super Junior was at the other side and there was this HUGE PILLAR that didn’t do good at all. somebody please complain?

IMG_2964 copy

AHH!! Sulli is so adorable U_U. Amber’s super cool. and Donghae was the most good looking. no arguements because I am being completely fair. HAHHAA. okay just joking. but even though yes, he is the most perfect looking one there (just because Kyuhyun and Siwon wasn’t at the fan meeting maybe?) but he ain’t my type hahaha.

IMG_2930 copy

all of them! Leeteuk was too far away I didn’t get any nice pictures of him T_T. I have more for the concert ones though! hehe. but his hair was really funny. it reminded me of that guy from star trek. the guy that says hi with a gap in the middle?

IMG_3041 copy

*points* my type is there! the one with the blackest hair hehehe. I like guys with black hair. and with oriental eyes. ^^v.

IMG_3130 copy1

I really hate to say this but.. despite of my love for SuJu, I do not RECOGNIZE ALL OF THEM. I could only recognize.. Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Yesung, Shindong, Heechul and Donghae. hey at least that’s more than half of them!

but I GUESS the one on top is.. EunHyuk??

correction : It’s SUNGMIN!!

IMG_3127 copy

YESUNG!! MY KIM JONG WOON! his real name. Yesung is his stage name which means art-like voice. which is true. he is the best singer in SuJu along side with Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. that’s where Super Junior K.R.Y come from!

I sent this picture to my Korean friends. we were on skype. I wanted to tell them how awesome Yesung was. but they burst out in laughter and they didn’t stop for at least 5 minutes. it was the longest laugh ever. they stopped for a while, and in the count of 3 laughed again. I didn’t know Koreans laugh for so long. pfft. they commented Yesung’s expression is funny. I DON’T THINK SO! okay maybe a little bit.

IMG_3128 copy

seriously, if he was to be a girl, he’d also be a pretty girl. his skin is so…….. I don’t know. he’s like a porcelain doll.

and that’s Ryeowook by the way! with a banana!

IMG_3129 copy

embarrassed because I forgot who he is. or is he EunHyuk? okay probably not, he should be Sungmin. =D.

correction! he’s EUNHYUK!

IMG_3125 copy

LEETEUK! and his star trek hair.

IMG_3138 copy

let’s play finding Waldo Kyuhyun and Shindong. they landed later because of I don’t know what problem with their flight tickets. Siwon was out of the picture T_T.

IMG_3147 copy

one world hotel is HORRIBLY DARK. pfft. they turned down the lighting like mad. and I wasn’t prepared haha. but here’s a Siwon, Shindong and Kyuhyun for you, whom had just finished bathing. very handsome eventhough without make up. can you believe it?

and oh, SIWON SMILED AT ME WHEN I SMILED AT HIM. =D=D=D=D=D. he has awesome manners. very celebrity but still friendly. =D. at least he doesn’t ignore his fans? when I first liked Super Junior, Siwon was my prince. my love for him grew even more after I watched the 18 vs. 29! more info about him is that he’s REALLY a prince, as in, he’s naturally hot and handsome with awesome height and……… from a very rich family. very very very rich. the end.

enjoy the vid. haha. his cut from 18 vs. 29.

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12 years ago

Eunhyuk is the one u said is SungMin(blonde hari) while the one u said is EunHyuk is SungMin(light brown hair)..=)