it was such an honor that my friend got captivated by my blog post on my last Coco.Tei post and decided to visit this place with me.

IMG_2843 copy

FRESH salmon sashimi on a big bowl of crushed ice. uniquely decorated and freshly served. and heck their wasabi is really fresh.

IMG_2845 copy

maguro (tuna) hand roll with awesome tobiko (flying fish roe) and fragrant dashi flakes. what more can I ask for?

IMG_2852 copy

my set of Cirashi-don at RM70. yes, RM70 is super expensive. but hey, LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF FISH ON MY BOWL. there’s even two large pieces of uni (sea urchin) hidden behind.

IMG_2846 copy

the most expensive Ikura I’ve ever had. RM30 because it is in-season. but have you ever tried orange flavoured salmon fish roes before? so fresh, it tastes like orange.

IMG_2850 copy

Bento-kiri @ RM80. my friend thinks it’s worth it because the rice bowl(not in the picture) itself is topped with abundant raw fish cubes and the amount of sashimi in the sashimi bowl is quite a lot. it comes with a complimentary ice cream (BE SURE TO TAKE THE KUROGOMA/BLACK SESEME SINCE IT’S THE MOST EX muahahahah) and cawan mushi. besides, the fish you see in the picture is actually surprisingly huge. they are pretty generous in their portions I must say.

IMG_2857 copy

JAMIE WHY YOU SO PALE! rawr. took my soul.

very enjoyable dinner. I’ve always given this place top marks. but maybe because I’ve eaten the freshest Uni back in Tsukiji Market in Japan, the ones here is a little gamey now. =S. (so it’s best to eat it last to avoid that gamey smell tingling in your mouth.) but of course, where am I comparing it to?! TSUKIJI MARKET YO!

if you ever make it to Japan, EAT AS MUCH UNI AS YOU CAN THERE. eat so much you’d not want to eat it for years. if not you’ll be craving for it like me.

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12 years ago

very nice info and great entry! just noticed how colourful d food r!

12 years ago

when you want to go with me then? bwahaha