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the famous beer in an attractive green bottle has yet to come out with another amazing party after the previous at Sepang Gold Coast was such a success! I heard they got their own chalet! party non stop for 2 days!

but this is the first time I attended Carlsberg’s “where’s the party?” so I was really curious on where the location was!

IMG_3899 copy

I arrived at Shah Alam’s stadium right on time and there was already a longgggg queue. so practice to go early if you want to attend an awesome party for free with FREE FLOW BEER and LOADS OF FOOD!

and since it’s called “Where’s the Party?” WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE THE PARTY IS. so the 2000+ people whom are invited are all transported to the venue by these buses!

IMG_3901 copy

and guess who is the first person I met? happened to come across the latest Malaysian tweet/comment trend #LikeALouSai? (which literally mean likeaboss except the boss in cantonese) well, that’s created by this guy above, Joseph Germani. a good friend since years ago, and also not seeing him for 2 years, its definitely a good reunion.

he turned into a youtube comedian recently and check out his videos at!

IMG_3903 copy

in our media bus where we had our very own MC of the day. it’s so awesome to be in the media for these extra services xD. totally brought our mood up =3.

the secret of the venue was kept so tight that nobody in the media actually knew where it will be at. but with our witty bus mates, we all already knew where was the party when we saw the CARLSBERG FACTORY. teehee! and yes, it’s AT THE FACTORY!

IMG_3905 copy

the most awesome Managing Director of Carlsberg, Soren, Patricia (which in Sam’s opinion is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen alive) and dreams of all teenage girls, Joey G.

IMG_3906 copy

upon arrival, all guests was greeted with fully enthusiastic cheers by two rows of beautiful and handsome people in white!

IMG_3921 copy

we then proceeded to the press conference! only missing the Korean singer, Lee An in the picture.

the line-up of artists includes :
Shawn Lee (beatbox)
Dennis Lau (violin)
Crossfire (band)
Paperplane Pursuit (band)
High on Heels (UK girl band)
DJ Sophie Sugar (UK)
DJ Hiloco (Japan)

MAN! isn’t that a long list of performers!

IMG_3925 copy

with the sexy and pretty DJ Hiloco! everyone from the media was going gaga over her. well, imagine if you get to meet her in real life. you’d do the same.

if you’re wondering why EVERYBODY have that tag. it’s actually a RFID tag. Radio Frequency Identity tag. we can play games and redeem points with it and of course, prizes!!

IMG_3927 copy

the DJ Hiloco fan, JonYKT. that famous boy on the KPOP area. and the amazing green bottle hehehe. I had a dream of collecting the craziest amount of Carlsberg bottles and turn it into a room insallation art. but I cannot afford to have a beer belly T_T. mission failed.

IMG_3929 copy

Dennis Lau the violinist! I explained who he is on my blog for so many times, I’ll skip it this time. hahaha.

but remember the handsome chef from Nasi Lemak 2.0? hehe.


the MHB shot! Malaysia’s Hottest bloggers for you =). except I am probably the only one who’s Malaysia’s Hungriest Blogger ahhaha.

picture from Simon Seow.

IMG_3934 copy

with the ‘amusement park’ theme, I present you an ADULT CAROUSEL!! it was especially funny when I saw Soren who’s 190cm+ sitting on it. but of course, everyone just want to have fun!

IMG_3933 copy

this is the air balloon ride that has a super duper long queue on it. I heard it’s really amazing because you are alone above there and all but dang it. I REGRET WEARING A SKIRT. pfft.

IMG_3942 copy

the stage design! absolutely love how they put long screens nowadays. it’s not the same old boring screen anymore. but requires more expensive programmers I guess U_U.

IMG_3943 copy

I used to think than after watching David Lai and Zlwin Chew, no other magicians can amaze me. but even with smaller tricks, this guy managed to make everyone’s jaw drop. I still couldn’t figure out how can we CUT the rope and in the end it’s still joined together. I LOOKED VERY CLOSELY AT IF IT’S THE SAME ROPE AND IT IS! pffffft.

IMG_3948 copy

they hired the best clowns. they were so generous in balloons. I’ve seen the craziest balloon design in this event itself. ranging from a headband at least 30cm high to flower bra cups. mad yes?

IMG_3954 copy

my happiest street.

THE MAKAN STREET!!!! fulamak I was so happy they made this! I enjoyed every bit of it. I tried almost everything. Nasi Lemak, Burgurs, Nuggets, Hot Dogs, Satay, Kaya Balls, Candy Floss, Ice Cream…. did I miss anything?


see the guy on the FARRR LEFT??? if you’re Chinese and you watch ASTRO you might remember him. he’s the guy from the famous Astro On Demand advertisement. TAI JOR LAH!!! I helped Joseph take a picture with him too! but I didn’t get one because he looks way to serious in real life T___T.

IMG_3956 copy

awesome Satay Ayam. it tasted almost like the ones in Kajang! I think this is the most “laku” one since it’s easy to eat and.. well, we Malaysians can eat a lot when it comes to things in sticks. I think I had more than 10! mind you, I ate the Nasi Lemak before this. the Nasi Lemak was not spicy enough for me. but this satisfies me!

IMG_3962 copy

dessert of the day! my Durian Potong stick! if you like Durian, and is visiting Malaysia, please visit ANY CONVENIENCE STORE WITH A FRIDGE AND LOOK FOR DURIAN POTONG STICK. =D. not like it’s very creamy and rich, but this is what we Malaysians grew up with.

IMG_3967 copy

BEER COUNTER! for the safety of everyone, they served the beer in plastic cups! I already almost slip from stepping on a plastic cup. imagine if there are cans or bottles rolling around.

IMG_4013 copy

another everyone’s favourite! kaya balls. it takes a very long time to make. but it’s worth the wait. there were literally a group of guys camping beside this store just for these kaya balls. mad.

IMG_4021 copy

the gluttons! satays (again!) and candy floss! Junnie is drunk. can you see it? hahaha. but she did not drive. because she parties responsibly! everyone should party responsibly!

IMG_3975 copy

eventhough I have a kid in me. but Ferris Wheels were always not my thing. I’d rather sit on the world’s most thrilling roller coaster than to hang in the open air for 5 minutes T_T. how should I put myself.. I am afraid of swinging high stuff. pfft. I am a weird kid. but it’s so romantic pfft I saw some couples in it happily!

IMG_3984 copy

THIS Pirate Ship is scary. weird how the larger ones in the huger theme parks didn’t swing as high haha.

IMG_3990 copy

DUCK HUNT!!! I used to spend RM50 just on this game when I was a spoilt little child pfft. but here, WE PLAY IT FOR FREEEEEEE!

besides, they have other fun fair booths such as Ring on Green, Toss and Score, “Our Holes, Your balls” and WILD WILD WEST! I bet you’re familiar with all of it. =3. but I still find these rubber duckies to be the most attractive hehe.


IMG_3994 copy

but sadly, due to the heavy rain, some games are closed T_T. there’s this “dare to dash?” game where you run from this side to the other ON THOSE BOXES!! IT’S SO FUN!! just like those TVB reality show games! WHY RAIN WHYYYYY.

IMG_3998 copy

but at least this is open. why la I wear high heels. stupid me. lesson learnt.

IMG_4016 copy

LET ME TEST YOUR AWESOME BRAIN! guess what are those above.

and it is..



an uncle fanning satay. it looks super mysterious yes? hehehe.

IMG_4401 copy

this is completely unexpected. there’s a TATTOO BOOTH!!! what’s even more surprising.. FORTUNE TELLING BOOTH. there are actually 4 different types of fortune teller from reading cards, palm, tarot and I forgot the last. but it’s pretty accurate I have to say. she see you she can straight point out something that happened to you recently. damn spooky.

IMG_3971 copy

and my FAVOURITEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BOOTH. =3. FOOT MASSAGE!! after standing on heels for the whole day, seriously, this is all I need.

IMG_4409 copy

teehee. =P. there are stilt walkers, unicyclists, jugglers, balloon sculptors and……… PLATE SPINNERS! where you can actually participate in! that’s Mike learning how to spin his plate! =D.

and finally at 8pm.. the CONCERT STARTS!!

IMG_4048 copy

first up was Shawn Lee. ranking NUMBER 9 IN THE WORLD in Beatboxing, he sure did shock everyone with his amazing talent. he isn’t just a beatboxer, he’s a walking SPEAKER.

by the way, look at his cute teddy bear shoes!

IMG_4070 copy

Shawn Lee and Dennis Lau’s collaboration. it’s funny how it sounded so good. it’s beyond what I imagine. and it’ll be beyond what you’re imagining now for those of you who didn’t attend the party. who knew beatbox and violin fit together so well?

IMG_4088 copy

always getting surprises, everyone was attracted by the air ship =P.

and… JENG JENG JENG JENG!! Lee An shows up!

IMG_4140 copy

he used to have long hair and he looked really old. but with his new hair? STUNNING! I’ve never understood how some guys are so obsessed with long hair pfft.

IMG_4144 copy


IMG_4228 copy

and Shawn shows up with a different attire AND DIFFERENT SHOES! gosh I WANT THOSE!

IMG_4237 copy

guess what? Carlsberg’s managing director, JOINS IN BECAUSE HE IS A SPONTANEOUS STAR RAPPER! how can somebody be such an amazing director and at the same time have great PR skills and event ideas AND BE ABLE TO RAP TOO?! I bet many didn’t know that he’s actually the MD hahah.

IMG_4265 copy

Crossfire, an old Malaysian band took over and my jaw almost dropped.

because the lead male singer, that guy on top, he’s Malay(I think? absolutely look like one! googled and his name sound Malay to me too.) but I think I only heard him sing CANTONESE SONGS. there’s many chinese singers who sings malay songs but I’ve never heard it the way way round before. it was even more shocking when he can sing much better than a chinese that speaks cantonese!

IMG_4302 copy

the cool guitarist and the very handsome bassist of Crossfire!

IMG_4346 copy

no idea why the picture glowed but anyway! that’s Simon Seow and his green mask which was in the party pack that was directly delivered to guests!

IMG_4372 copy

the T SHIRTS GIVE AWAY! I was lucky enough because I was right in front and a gentleman caught it and gave it to me hahaha. =3.

IMG_4354 copy

after the whole bag of t shirts was given away, EVERYONE INSISTED JOEY G TO GIVE AWAY HIS SHIRT.

you don’t need to guess what Joey G did. because he’s famous for being sporting. AND HE DID IT.

IMG_4385 copy

and hence, A HALF NAKED JOEY G! =D.

IMG_4391 copy

Paperplane Pursuit went on stage and my legs was going to die. so I went for the foot massage =D. and I came back just in time to watch High on Heels perform.

IMG_4415 copy

to be honest, I have never heard about High on Heels before. but they are said to be globally recognized, and they live up to their name. they have a saxophonist, a violinist, a dj and vocals. I don’t know what’s more unique than this. I truly hope more of these type of bands will form! especially with traditional instruments! well, just an idea =D.

IMG_4468 copy

they were a total crowd pleaser. EVERYONE loved them! they sang famous songs in their own unique way and those that are popular where everyone could follow to dance along with it.


IMG_4329 copy

Joseph even filmed a part while singing along to their song! you can see how happening it was!

IMG_4393 copy


IMG_4408 copy

with fellow Nuffnang bloggers! =D. I left at 12am on the first bus as my feet can no longer stand it. but I still managed to eat some lok lok from the 10 lok lok lorries and off I go! so moral of the story, never party with heels. hahaha. there are some stupid pictures of myself in a balloon headgear. you’ll have to head over to my facebook page if you want to see it =P. will post it shortly.

by the way, I think Joseph did a very good teaser on this event. so be sure to check it out kay? =).


for more info :

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12 years ago

just amazing how you blog the whole coverage for the event…

even though i didnt go, can just feel it~ 🙂

hgope you had fun`

12 years ago

Merry Christmas! hehe. last year calrsberg was better right?

11 years ago

seems like a great party! Btw that’s no simply cute little teddy bear shoes worn by Shawn, it’s Adidas Original – Jeremy Scott limited edition shoes.