every country has its own “Petaling Street” and eventhough it’s not the most glamourous looking street in a city, it’s always a very popular tourist spot. but instead of thinking that you’d have to travel all the way to Ueno just for one thing, you’re wrong.

it’s completely hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. for the first attraction in Ueno, I’ll be telling you about Ameyokocho. so wait up for the other post. it will probably surprise you much =D.

IMG_7683 copy

the huge Ueno station. one of the huge stations in Tokyo. but this one, filled with PANDAS!

there’s a park(zoo) in Ueno with Pandas but unfortunately my mom doesn’t want to go because we heard that it’ll take up at least half of our day there.

IMG_7688 copy

so as you can see, Ueno is really proud of their Pandas =D. and after exiting Ueno station, you’d probably see this across the street.

the row of shops with a huge number of Pachinko shops. Pachinko’s are gambling shops. with er.. little round metal balls. no idea how they do it since I don’t encourage gambling.

IMG_7692 copy

the wide zebra crossing!

IMG_7694 copy

you get what I mean by WIDEEE?

and by the way, that’s not Ameyokocho yet. but just walk on it. on the second right turn after entering the street, turn left, and walk across the train tracks. and you’ll find yourself at Ameyoko.

well errrr, there’s two ways to get there quick. here’s the direction map to Ameyoko


clear enough? teehee.

I took way 1 to go and way 2 back. haha.

IMG_7715 copy

our city lacks of these. a very good way to be as eco friendly as possible. BICYCLES!!

IMG_7722 copy

there are quite a few of these conveyor belt sushi shops. or the Americans call it hole-in-the-wall-sushi. hahahaha which I find absolutely amusing. =P.

the trtuh is, I took a picture of this because I want to have a list of what certain sushis are called. =D.

IMG_7733 copy

the more traditional looking restaurants. love these type! =3. but the prices are not so traditional though T_T.

IMG_7747 copy

look at how fake the real Sakuras look like!

IMG_7749 copy

unfortunately when I went it wasn’t the sakura season yet so there were very little sakura flowers. but I wonder.. where does Sakura trees get their nutrients if they don’t have leaves?!

IMG_7760 copy

AMEYOKOCHO! actually, they seriously sell everything. food, vege, fish, clothes, junks, things…. everything. it is a part of Japan less seen. well, let the picture do its work for your understanding =D.
IMG_7769 copy

dry food stall. everything that’s dried up. you can find it here.

IMG_7784 copy

can you imagine what if spiders have legs this huge. it’ll scare all my wits away wth. they belong to the Alaskas king crab. to be honest, I do not fancy these crabs so much. it’s pretty soft in texture and if eaten grilled without seasoning, it has a

IMG_7781 copy

strong taste of the.. sea. at some point I like crabs like these. but as of now.. no. but really, one crab leg is filling enough.

but those crab legs costs like RM40-RM240(!!!!!!! just for its legs?! you must be freaking kidding me).

IMG_7768 copy

discounted seafood hahaha. I am pretty sure things here are bargainable. so if you have the heart to buy it, no harm trying =D.

IMG_7783 copy

RM240 for this large piece of tentacle!

IMG_7774 copy

this is where Ameyoko splits. whatever it is.. WALK THROUGH IT ALL! see that little ice cream there? =3.

IMG_7791 copy

TEEHEE! PEACH ICE CREAM! oh did I tell you how amazing Japanese peach products are? they literally have everything in peach flavour. you can find it ANYWHERE. yum yum.

IMG_7792 copy

RM10 or 250yen for a cone of ice cream. you know it isn’t worth it. but you know you want it. =/.

IMG_7795 copy

I heard Malay food was damn expensive in Japan. but RM20 for kebab.. still not as bad as what I heard, RM40 for roti canai wth.

IMG_7785 copy

how old people in Japan makes their cake. with machinese!

IMG_7772 copy

if you think you hate parks/temples, it’s okay if you skip this spot. but if you’re already planning to go over to Ueno Park. seriously, WHY NOT DROP BY?!

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