the party of the year is back. I remembered how I had only actually missed ONE H-Artistry ever since I attended the first time.

IMG_2433 copy

Alfred Choo the dancer! professional Latin dancer and he is only my age! though 10 days older. (I feel like I lack of achievements. T_T.)

and those behind are Landy Wen, Chris Willis, Park Jung Min from SS501 (who’s blocked by Alfred tsk tsk) and my favourite DJ, GOLDFISH! and his partner of the day, Blink.

IMG_2435 copy

and more dancers! Dennis Yin, Fellest Yan and my childhood friend who’s now a dance teacher, Jackson Chew.

Dennis has the Tae Yang hair! I thought it only suited Tae Yang, but oh well, now there’s two.

IMG_2472 copy

Marciano, another childhood friend hahaha. and the beautiful Helenness. everytime I type Helenness I feel like I am talking about some Queen. which she already is anyway =P. young, beautiful and successful. need to say more?

IMG_2470 copy

I was wearing my highest heels and Alfred is still taller than me. suddenly I feel short. U_U.

IMG_2461 copy


IMG_2466 copy

I really liked SS501. but my favourite was always Jun Hyung because of the bright smile and honest attitude. <3. I hope Jun Hyung doesn’t wear as much make up as Jung Min does hehehehe. and DID YOU KNOW, all Korean guys (said Korean friend) wears eyeliners and a little make up at least to clubs? =D. true fact.

IMG_2480 copy

if I am Batman, he’s my Robin. hahaha. my twin brother, Jeremy.

I don’t understand how my mascara would always end up at the bottom of my eyelids at the end of the night. ALWAYS. say hi to both Sams! Sam Chee and Samantha Winchester. and a drunk Korean. =D.

I forcefully pushed Sam’s face to look at the camera HAHAHA.

last photo courtesy of : Clayton Stanley Chew.



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12 years ago

oooo. i think i saw u there as well. so sparkly ur dress. hehe