you know how I actually get to go to luxurious places to dine/massage?

voucher websites.

that’s my secret. for (usually) at least 50% off everywhere seem so affordable.

IMG_2383 copy

located at the 2nd floor (the building with Starbucks. Block B.) of Plaza Mont Kiara [Suite B-03-01]

IMG_2354 copy

Cah’ya majors in acupressure aromatherapy. neat place.

by the way, this is also my first time trying aromatherapy massages!

IMG_2369 copy

the shoe area.

IMG_2370 copy

around the shop.

IMG_2350 copy

they actually have their own recipe in making the oils! and there were a list of regulars so ALWAYS book beforehand.

IMG_2360 copy

single and twin rooms. authentically Bidayuh =D.

they provide sarongs for you to change into, hair band, showercap and also paper panty =D.

IMG_2359 copy

the Executive Massage chairs!! those where you do not need to remove your clothes to do haha. and is only RM20 for 15minutes =D.

IMG_2375 copy

and more decoration to add to the already very relaxing ambience =).

IMG_2356 copy

with the lovely and friendly staffs. the lady that massaged me is super nice. she kept talking to me =D. they are actually from Sarawak as these are Bidayuh’s traditional deep tissue massage that actually stimulates blood circulation. so you can’t do it if you’re having your menstruation. =D.

IMG_2378 copy

and I went with Sam. the Sam who ain’t sane =D. my skin felt so smooth after those anti-stress oil was spread all over me U_U.

throughout the whole 60 minutes of the anti-stress Aromatherapy Massage session, I really have to say, it’s very comfortable. I hadn’t had such a comfortable massage since Thailand. massages here are usually super uber painful eventhough you complained. it’s like they cannot soften their strength but here, they massage it just right to suit your body. =D. also, it helps blood circulation a lot I guess as I felt fresher that day. I was so energetic the whole day!

the lady that massaged me was Cindy. you probably want to get her to massage too because she’s awesome. 😉 but of course, all of them have more than 30 years of experience. so they are all awesome.

Suite B-03-01, Plaza Mont’ Kiara, No 2 Jalan 1/70C Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

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