blogging for so long, I’ve always enjoyed how I could be able to share my stories, my thoughts and of course, the information I obtained from travelling or using a certain product. sharing is caring, no? even until now, I do not find blogging a hassle but instead, a hobby. but one of the most significant part in my blogging journey would definitely be Nuffnang.

it was when Nuffnang blew their first birthday cake when I joined. I still remembered that it was in conjuction with the Pajama party where I only knew 2 people when I went for that event and returned with dozens of new friends. but it was only when I attended the Halloween Party where I started getting really active.

time really flies, and I hadn’t noticed how far Nuffnang had been with me in my blogging journey until I wrote this post.

this was 3 years ago. I was only 16!

and there’s where I met handsome Chris Tock. the effort each blogger puts in to dress up is really awesome.

Robb for example.

and you’d never believe who’s this person next to me. he is KENNY SIA. Nuffnang gave me so much oppurtunity to meet celebrities and celebrity bloggers!

I mean, CELEBRITIES. Dawn Yang and Xiaxue. who don’t know them? =P.

she’s really pretty all right =P. but almost anorexic =S.

and Malaysia’s most famous photographer, Kid Chan.

the Music Bash back in 2009. I wasn’t at all overdressed!

Karena, Zoe, Chris Tock, Firdaus, Yee Hou.

I later had a sleep over with Karena. LOVE Zoe, but she went back to Canada T_T. Chris Tock is now climbing up the successful businessman stairs. Firdaus is.. as mad as always. Yee Hou became my super close friend after that event. see why you should really love events? =).

I reallllllly miss every moment at events organized by Nuffnang. and by blogging, I actually have a record of them, hence I’ll be able to reminisce those moments whenever and wherever.  =D!


and one of the most recent ones is Yuna’s press conference! with Jojo Struys! more celebrities =D.


and of course, YUNA!

Nuffnang gave such oppurtunities where only people working in the media line could have to us bloggers. and I could only repay Nuffnang with my loyalty.

apart from all these awesome event chances, I am also able to earn from blogging *shy*. it’s enough to buy a DSLR. and I’m happy. =D.

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12 years ago

ohh, miss robb of the coolest nuffies ever…

12 years ago


12 years ago

and u forgot to mention me… pfft…!!

Serge Norguard
12 years ago

aww.. sho cute!

Simon Seow
12 years ago

oh, you were at the Pajamas party too? Didn’t know you then lol.