when Hajime@Jalan Damai disappeared without notice. it was like the end of us being able to get awesome (Tokyo) Japanese cuisine in KL. after having tasted what Hajime had offered, you’ll probably not find anything as good in KL anymore. not only me, but even my friends; we were all devastated from its closure and wondered where it went. we REFUSED to think that it closed down. we knew it moved somewhere.

we tried googling, but for months.. no news. and suddenly, one day, a friend told me,

“did you know? Hajime is now back. but as Coco.Tei?”

it was one of the happiest day of my foodie life! and what’s so great about it is also I’ve been introduced to this RedElephant website to get this SUPER GOOD COCO TEI DEAL . (addicted to groupon? now there’s more choices!)

to be honest, I’ve never known the existence of buying coupons online until my friend told me.. last week. D=. and apparently my sis’s friend is addicted to buying these. even my cousins. I felt as if I’m living under the rock.


BACK TO COCO.TEI! I have to say, it’s new renovation is even more beautiful than it’s previous one. larger too! but the thing about dining in Coco.Tei would be the price. it’s not so.. affordable for students like myself. but me and my friends would save bit by bit to make a trip there once in month or two. and its TOTALLY WORTH IT. if you’ve dined here. you’ll get what I mean. even if you’re stingy you’d still feel satisfied with that splurge. =P.

but with awesome sites like RedElephant I can come here more often hehehe.


the pretty interior <3.


and the pathway is so pretty. if you wanna dine in tatami style. make sure you wear shoes that can be easily taken off ^^.


my Sashimi Tempura Set! <3. (thick juicy salmon, shiromi and prawn!)

guess how much?

RM25 (including tax!). original price RM58(not including tax!). ain’t that a STEAL or what?!

and let me tell you how come I am so pro-Coco.Tei :
1. fresh wasabi. they made them!
2. awesome salad with generous slices of salmon! my sis’s face is epic when she had the salad. to tell the truth. it tasted like.. heaven.
3. fresh thick slices of sashimi! to say the truth, many Japanese restaurants in KL had not only raised the prices of sashimis, they also cut down in terms of quality and.. thickness. but is glad Coco.Tei maintained their standards!
4. fried food that’ll never make you feel sinned. they are light and definitely not oily. it feels so good.
5. smoothest cawan mushi. ever.

if these reasons are not enough to make you want to try Coco.Tei, you’re not awesome.


love their ceramic bowls and plates! the cawan muchi and miso soup is also included in the set! ^___^.


satisfied Jamie. every bite of those thick juicy sashimi is.. orgasmic.

IMG_2192 copy

Kurogoma and Wasabi ice-cream.

I’ll never be satisfied with me meal here without a scoop of ice-cream. Kurogoma (black seseme/goma ice-cream!) is one not to be missed here. (my sis calls it the most expensive scoop of ice cream in KL hahah). it costs RM12 for a scoop. but it’s worth the money!! U_U. you can taste black sesame bits! oh so good.

as for wasabi ice-cream. (RM10) not everybody enjoy it, unfortunately =S. but I like it =P. that sweet milky yet hot taste. MMM. <3.

I also like their green tea ice cream! =D.

IMG_2203 copy

by the way, even if you’re not.. you know. make a trip to the toilet =P. I LOVE the sink. it’s so.. eco. <3. I want one too T_T. it’s a real stone alright! =D.


those are the biggest crab heads I’ve ever seen. D=. it’s huger than my huge face!

can’t wait for my next visit already!

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