HI! if you’re going to Japan, then this post will be useful to you. even if you’re not, some of it can be found here in M’sia. =D.

first off, TOKYO BANANA.


it’s a very famous snack for Japs from the other states to buy home as a souvenir. it’s very very famous because it’s sold almost.. everywhere. you can find it at most major train stations. it’s fresh and it can only last for two weeks.


for a box of eight. it costs 1000yen (about RM37). if you’re wanting to buy these home, get them at the airport ;). it’s cheaper and the duty free shop is always open.

as for the taste, I wouldn’t say it taste absolutely heavenly. but it’s really fresh. it’s quite delicious actually. it doesn’t taste as artificial as what I heard it’d be. ahaha.

rating : 7.5/10.


next, Jaga Pokkuru. this is Hokkaido’s most famous potato stick. or what I would call the french fries. it costs 800yen for a pack of 8. pretty pricey I’d say. one pack have more or less 10 sticks ofย  french fries haha. it is very very very famous in Hokkaido that these are limited to only 3 box per tourist at Hokkaido. what’s best is, you can find this in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport too! and they DON’T LIMIT YOU.

but I’m really not sure why there’s such a huge craze over this. it’s good but paying around RM4 for a small pack of crunchy french fries? no thanks. =X. but well, if you like potatoes.. you should really try it haha.

rating : 6/10

so now, let’s get to what’s less commercialized!


Meiji’s Rich Strawberry Chocolate. I bet you’ve seen this chocolate before. but don’t buy the wrong one. there’s the normal one where the strawberry part is much more creamy. this one, the strawberry is.. well, rich. and is absolutely HEAVENLYYYY. it melts in your mouth and it could be bought here too at those shops which are always stuck together with Zanmai outlets – Shojikiya. well, for almost twice the price. so if you’re going to Japan, GRAB MOREEE.

rating 10/10


BOURBONs costs a bomb here. but it’s so good. I don’t know how to express how delicious it is. I think it’s thin crepe (?) covered in creamy white choc.ย  but it’s sooooo soo soooo soooooo soooooo goooooodddd. U_U.

rating : 10/10


this can be bought here too =D. like it’s name, Meltykiss literally MELTS in your mouth. I like both. they both taste uber awesome.

rating : 9.5/10

IMG_8055 copy

I’ve seen something similar here but not this flavour. and it costs about RM12 here. can you believe it. you can buy Rocky for lesser than 2 bucks pfft. but this one is very good. T_T.

rating : 10/10


if you like sweet stuff. these are amazing. Kando’s Pure Peach flavoured sour chewy sweets are so addictive. so are those Grape gummys. <3. THEY ARE SOLD HERE TOOOOO! =D!

rating : 8/10

IMG_8035 copy

I don’t know what are these called but it’s very cheap. only found in Japan. these sticks have a mad selection of flavours. their website’s yaokin.com. =D. I like everything. just that the cheese one tastes too normal =X. I bought a huge pack of Tako flavoured back. I did not regret it at all. =P.

rating : 9/10


have you seen anything similar but choco top with normal biscuit bottom?

greentea products are madly expensive, I really wonder why. a small box of 8 kitkats (the mini one okay, those with only 2 sticks) costs like around RM35. mad a not? but this is really awesome. I can say all green tea products are worth paying for =X. but you’d get sick of it if you eat too much of these. so it’s a wiser choice to share it. even if it look like a small packet =D.

rating : 9/10


don’t this look very familiar? I’ve always wanted to try this. it ain’t cheap. approx RM6 for one? unlike Malaysian cup noodle ad’s where they show you all kind of beautiful prawns and other ingredients on the poster, Japan give you what you see.


REAL PRAWNS AITE! and it tastes good. very very good. wonderful noodles with some real good soup. I wonder how unhealthy it is to taste this good =X.

rating : 8/10


totally unrelated picture hahaha. I thought my hairstyle looked Jap but my mom called it the cow dung hairstyle and my sis gave me a weird stare while my grandma just laughed. =X.

well, I am just weird like that =D.

PS : it’s not dumb at all to carry snacks all the way back from Japan even if it can be bought here. you save at least 40%! it’s like mega sales without having to wait for sales to come. and yes you can carry dry sealed food in flight. don’t worry about having to check it in. =D.

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11 years ago

I like the cup noodle picture =) full of little shrimp in it

10 years ago

I would rate the Hokkaido Potato sticks 10/10. It’s super nice! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s crunchy, not too artificial, wayyyy better than Jagabee, and it tastes really like potato. What makes it special is that you can only get it from Japan (you can get it from Narita Airport, besides Haneda Airport!). ๐Ÿ™‚ I regretted for buying two boxes only.