SHORT POST! my party just ended and I am really glad that you 24 peeps could make it! I didn’t want it big because it’s always very cramped up in my tiny place and preparing the food for 45pax is.. hazardous. also, I really hope all of you had fun because I had tonnes of fun tonight. especially when some of you even lasted until 3am here just to be with me until I had enough fun xD. very very touched! <3. also, thank you all so much for your thoughtful gifts! I can feel your <3. thank you Darren, Zhong, Keng Sein, Han Yao, Yik, Chris, Jeffro, William, ah POP, Bryan, Mandy, Jon, Sandra, Chee Yern, Suzen, Jin, Joshua, Xiang, Nigel, Janise, Sam, Chun Wai, Wei Mun and Kenny for attending! also, Kimberly for having so much thoughts of passing me her lovely well decorated gift even though she couldn’t make it =(.

I’m too lazy to upload my pix + resize + watermark them. so I’ll use Tockie’s first!

Mr Tockie came at around 6 something and left at 8. and I had an awesome time camwhoring with his awesome new EOS Kiss X5. it’s.. awesome. very very awesome. =3. if I’m not mistaken EOS Kiss is only available in.. Japan? D=. it kinda equivalent to 400D. but the newer upgraded version!


<_<. iso 800. I like.


super high iso shot. 3200 (or was is 3600? mm) iso.


PASTA! KERABU! MANGO PUDDING! JAPPY ITALIAN SALAD! TUNA SANDWICHES! you’d regret if you weren’t here. because the food is just too good. the kerabu was sooooo good they finished two rice cooker filled of rice! everything was gone at the end of the day!


say hi to my sister. she have dimples and is pretty. she’s gonna do mortgage soon so please contact her if you need loans! and yes, if you want to have dinner with her. you must get a loan. teehee. xD.


TOCKIE! =D. totally slimmed down. and I think I gained weight. U_U…


party dress. =D. the theme is to be weird. and everybody thought of classes! =P. love the red Angry Bird Tockie gave me <3. it’s so adorable! <3. this is probably the only angry thing that makes people smile =P.


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