THIS, shall be a post dedicated to girls. and in between, two pictures dedicated to my male readers.

both Shibuya and Ikebukuro are very famous spots for shopping (and Harajuku too, but it’s like our err, Petaling Street?) and if you want to see pretty girls? you can find tonnes here.

they wear mini skirts and shorts on such a cold weather which reminds me of the chinese saying “oi leng ng oi meng” which literally means “want beauty don’t want life” haha.

IMG_4522 copy

one of the famous Shibuya crossing. I read in the book it’s nice to stand aside and look at how many people there is o.0..

I was told that this crossing is normally PACKED with people. maybe it’s raining so, lesser people.


say Hello to Shibuya 109! they have the COOLEST FASHION I’VE EVER SEEN. seriously. it’s all so fashionable. read on to see moreeee. =D.

and, at first me and my mom was clueless on where the Shibuya 109 is because upon exit we see NO SHIBUYA 109. it’s actually a few blocks away. just ask anyone. even if they don’t know how to explain, they’d take you there. they are that nice. I asked a lady where is it and she looks a little rush but she still brought us there @_@. she didn’t just point. but she BROUGHT US THERE! at least to a spot where it’s noticeable. such nice people T_T.


you must be wanting to see the girl on that building. here’s another view of it. kawaii? haha.


and oh, do you know, there’s two Shibuya 109’s? this is the old one.

and look at the road. here, if you fall on the road you’d probably have deep injuries. there? maybe a few scratches. haha, the ground is damn flat! it must be the amount of people walking on it making the surface smooth HAHAHAHA.


Jap girls! since I heard that men here have some sort of fetish towards girls in uniforms. here it is. =D.

IMG_4470 copy

ready to see what’s in this building?

well, I am not really sure if I could take pictures. and it’ll look like as if I’m some paparazzi if I were to take the pictures. so my mom took them for me instead =X.


THE CUN-NESS OF JAPANESE FASHION! I absolutely LOVE this place. except for how expensive each piece is. around RM200 for a decent fashionable piece =(. what’s worse is the quality ain’t the long lasting type. pfft. a plain t shirt will probably cost above RM100 too.

and that girl wearing like a celebrity is THE SALES PERSON omg damnnnnnnnn fashionable. all sales people here look like celebrities. and 50% of the girls that shop here looks like that tooooo.


pretty!! *___*!


the famous Liz Lisa. no doubt, very very very nice. but also the most pricey one here. haha.


for the men’s fetish. HAHAHA. one set is about RM600 I think? just for uniform. lol. =X.


here’s a picture of the pretty and fashionable shoppers here. most of them look this good. really. just standing one side looking at them is enough. super cun fashion!


she’s much older than she.. dress.


the SIZE of the apple store in Tokyo. there’s like more than 10 iPads on display (all occupied lol!). unlike here at most there’s… 2?


one whole shop selling only ballet clothes!


the Disney building. damn chio.


Japan’s Chinese food. RM15 for a bowl of egg fried rice anyone?


I JUST HAD TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS. my TOP!!! <3. your GD. you all can have GD. I’ll take TOP.


even eating in a restaurant, you’d need to pay through the vending machine in front first. hahaha.


they have pretty girls on HUGE screens to attract you to go play their arcade games and take some purikura.

went next door for lunch. haha.


underground restaurants are awesome. they look very freaking good. even though it’s not exactly spacious but you’d feel like you’re in a traditional Japan. =D.


50yen for an egg! broiled.

I’ve never seen white eggs before though. pretty cute =D! I wonder if it’s painted pfft.


I dunno what’s this. but its RAMEN! pork soup. heavy pork flavour @@”.


you know Zaru Soba? this is like the winter version. the dipping sauce is hot. very special. had never eaten anything like this before. but Sherlyn told me it’s not as good as the ones near her school.


Sherlyn! <3. she was like the only other girl whose the same age as me that plays o2jam. we’re in the same clan, called Extreme. hahahahaha. LOOK HOW EXTREME WE ARE! OUR FIRST MEET UP IS IN JAPAN! *coughs*


PINK CAMERA! *points*


the colourful straps. sold everywhere. 4000yen for one. that’s.. RM150! I bought mine in Korea for like.. less than RM50 =X.


check out those bakeries linking to the train station. AWESOMENESSS. you’d be hungry as soon as you see it. it tastes good too! expensive lah, for buns. RM8 for one. mm. one thing is, if you wanna eat then use the YEN without converting it to RM. 200yen for a bun. OKAY RIGHT? hehe.


and Ikebukuro!! the one place that I came twice throughout my whole trip. because it’s awesome. you’ll have to go through the shops one by one really.


and Sunshine City. <3. there’s a stationary (AWESOME OKAY! I collect pens! I have pen fetish.) floor on the top floor in that shop located right next to the mall. or should I say, in the mall, but the entrance is next to it.


it ain’t Elegant. it is UTTERLY CUTE! whole shop filled with Hello Kitty’s. a bit too young for me though U_U.

crap I look the same in all these pictures. har har =X. er. more to come.


but before I go, I would like to share this one picture I took the other day. very “stunning” picture.

okay, so I was working in KLCC the other day and when I was on my way home from work, the sky looked so pretty so I took a picture of it. together with our famous Twin Towers. I recently uploaded it on my comp and found something SUPER CREEEEEEPYYYY.  maybe you can tell me what this is, or maybe you’ve saw something similar in your pictures too.


there’s a star shaped something on the right side of the picture. can you see it? =S.

out of curiosity I also managed to come across this video. even creepier. U_U. click here to view.

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13 years ago

huhuhu me wants to go Japan! I havent been there D:

13 years ago

Sherlyn!? As in the “pig pig”? (I think?)

lolx. Shibuya 109 nice!!

11 years ago

Nice post and great photo.
I been there five years ago during night time, it’s really fun.

Welcome to read my Shibuya attraction on

11 years ago

Hi Jamie, I stumbled upon your blog through a referral and have been rather pleased. Your posts are really interesting.

I too am a travel junkie and I would humbly like to ask for advice.

For a 7 day/6 night stay in Tokyo including:
i)Budget airline (Airasia)
ii)2 to 3 star hotel
iii)Good food and treats
iv)Tickets to entrances,etc.

How much would it roughly costs? I know the info is vague and it depends on what I eat and spend on. But could you give me a ballpark figure? Would RM 8000 be enough? or RM 10 000 Also would you mind telling me how much you spent on your trip and how many days you went?

Best regards