oh gosh, I hadn’t been blogging for so long. but I am not dead. it is just that I have been working and preparing for my Tokyo trip. I was lucky enough to grab those really cheap tickets to Tokyo via AirAsia. I am always very thankful that there’s AirAsia because without it I don’t think I will ever dream of going to the most expensive city in the world. this is probably the longest flight I’ve been on. even though I tried sleeping on the plane, each time I doze off I knock myself on the wall and I’d wake up. causing myself to rest for two continuous days after I came back. and actually, I am still dog tired right now.

in this trip, I took a total of around 3k pictures. it was lesser compared to my Korea trip as it was raining throughout 50% of my trip. when it rains, taking pictures become very very tough.

for this post, I’d like to introduce you andriod or iphone users PUDDING CAMERA. just search for it on the market or google their website. it’s a korean application and is currently free for all! BANZAI TO THE CREATOR!

* all pictures in this post are taken through pudding camera with my htc desire hd.


Kamakura. slightly further away. train tickets costs about RM30 one way to come here. beautiful place.


sakuras!! was pretty lucky because the sakura season is a MONTH away.


Ikebukuro, the best shopping place in Japan. the stuff there is considered most affordable already X_X.


Sherlyn and I. =D. we’ve met a very long time ago online. but it was in Tokyo when we first met. hahaha.


overpriced eggs. 150yen I think.


Cliff calls the Asahi beer tower the golden shit. =X.


somewhere in Kamakura’s neighbourhood.


it is always NO wonder that I am this chubby. I had two cakes for myself!!

my motto : no food, no life.


they were ALLLLLL so delicious looking. except one costs almost RM20.

everything’s strawberry!


disneysea. it is beautiful. but the rides are not worth the wait.


kimchi inspired beef rice bowl. my absolute favourite. only 280yen. cheaper than a cone of ice cream! ice cream = 300yen.


I think I’d absolutely fall for a Jap if I ever live there. imagine a guy giving you such sweet flowers. dies.


these are in most toilets in Japan. in some malls, there’s even music and heater. the water is warm, by the way.

warm water hitting my butt, it was the first time. I was shocked. =X.


hello. this is my yukata night gown. looks more like a robe to me hahaha.

these are all previews, will write more in depth about every place in the coming posts!

crap, now I’m stuck with my travel posts because nothing is really going on with my life. hahah. but travelling is my passion now =D.

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