Hello dear readers, I bet most of you know who Yuna is (she have over 600k fans on facebook!!). but of course, there’s a number who still don’t. but it is alright, you can start knowing her today. before losing hope on Malaysia’s entertainment industry, you’d definitely change your opinion. you must listen to Yuna’s songs.


I first came across her song about 2-3 years ago when I was searching for BossaNova songs and I stumbled across such a great song — Deeper Conversation. I was so blown away by that song I actually googled to see who she is and where she is from. and to my surprise, SHE’S MALAYSIAN! I thought she was an American born Japanese or something at first but her full name is actually Yunalis, and in short, Yuna.

for this press conference, I was lucky enough to be invited by Nuffnang to experience such a great event. Yuna Inspired is actually a project started with ^ the six ladies above, to let fans help Yuna write her new song. all you need to do is just to send in a tweet, a message or anything to YunaInspired (for tweets, #yunainspired) with a sentence of lyrics you can think of. great idea yes? =D. plus, the winner (not sure how they will select, but they said, the BEST lyric line) will win the signed guitar below!


I had never thought that I would have the chance to listen to her LIVE again; the last time Nuffnang had an event and she was invited to perform a few songs and she sounded EVEN MORE AMAZING. it was then, when I realized how under rated she is. I thought to myself, “why is she not a big superstar yet?” and FINALLY, she will now fly to London/New York to produce her new album. but even so, she is as humble as ever.


the Press Conference was held in Spasso Milano and this is ze Italiano Chef! the food was perfecto (especially their soup and dumpling pasta’s omg. the choco moose was great as well) so just check it out-o! =D.


Spasso Milano is located at Jalan Ampang, in Nihonkan. =)).


our picture with Yuna! my album is in my bag wth T_T. Yuna is so tallllll. and she’s really gorgeous!


Timothy Tiah! we were all in line in getting her signature xD.


Jojo Struys! she’s the director of this and she’ll be behind screens. beautiful people aren’t supposed to hide!

ah, how I admire these people.

a video of Yuna singing Rocket! she wrote the song in just a few minutes. and it turned out to be this well!!


a picture Gary took a few days ago, he only sent me ONE. this ONE. but he is amazing. check him out okay? his link can be found << on my sidebar. Gary Ng. =D.

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13 years ago

found me here.. hehehe