sadly, I didn’t visit the Suwon Fortress. but lucky for that too because according to our young guest house mate, she told us it is boring for young people. =(. anyways, James and his friends lives there so they invited us over for dinner. I really wanted to see how other cities look like too =D.

IMG_9741 copy

Peter calls it the more adult No Rae Bang. no rae bang (노래방) = karaoke in Korean. =D.


the streets of Suwon! it’s pretty. very colourful. <3. it makes the whole place look.. ALIVE.


despite Korea being REALLY REALLY clean. these are the rare finds I found that had to do with the word litter. they do not stick the whole piece of advertisement on the car (thank goodness) instead, they put a small piece of cello tape and tape it on top. I didn’t see this in Seoul though. it is said that there are security cameras in every street in Seoul (IT IS TRUE. anybody who steals there, is literally dumb). not sure about other places.

IMG_9745 copy

tada! the restaurant. was hungry, hence the shaky hands =P. restaurants there are pretty. maybe because I didn’t grow up with wooden houses, I find wooden houses really pretty @_@. as you know, the grass is always greener on the OTHER side.


SAMGYUPSAL. ever seen such FAT, PERFECT PORK? it was one of ze best samgyupsal (three layer meat)! only found in KOREAAAA. haha.

IMG_9752 copy

yum yum. you can fry your kimchi and vegetables t00! that is how koreans eat it at least. they wrap cabbage kimchi with lettuce. ahhahaa. surprisingly delicious. with RICE in it too! =D.

IMG_9771 copy

and one thing about chopsticks in Korea is that, they do not put it on top of a bowl. =D. just so you know. some dining etiquette you should learn before getting there =D. you know, table manners are very important. (and try not to use both chopsticks and spoon at the same time too? ^^)


the charity boy I met in Central, Hong Kong. haha.


I am the only Malaysian there! =D! Korean people are friendly, trust me. wipe away all your thoughts of rude Korean aunties already! (although you might still find them in certain markets)



he makes ice cream look even more delicious <3 <3 <3.


you will see these dividers very often on the subway’s escalator. those not in rush, please stand on the right. =D.

IMG_9784 copy

one whole row of young and old Koreans, all on their handphones. every single one of them. their handphone have TV signals. don’t play play.

super advanced in electronics. they have this new phone that can type as you speak. AWESOME.


more plastic surgery posters in the subway along the escalator. took this in Myeong Dong I think?

IMG_9782 copy

it shows you HOW FAR the train is from the station. usually one train takes about 2 minutes to arrive. but they had this so that the people could prepare themselves for the train. “how far is the train?” is what I always think about (and I bet most Malaysians do) while waiting for the snail KTM to come here.

and is that auntie on the right GREEN? WHYY? well, she errr matches the line’s colour.

IMG_9790 copy

AWESOME AWESOME COMMERCIALS HAHAHA. poster for Hello Ghost. a new movie in Korea. =D.

OK NAMI ISLAND NEXT. you won’t want to miss that one. heh.

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Michael Ch'ng
13 years ago

Look so fun… I miss air asia promotion that day

miao yun
miao yun
13 years ago

hi..nice to meet to read ur blog extremely.All of ur photo very nice.what camera u using ?

10 years ago

Hello, enjoyed browsing through ur posts. Would you be able to remember the name of the restaurant where you had Samgyupsal (three layer meat) above in Suwon?