UPDATE on directions (20/6/2014) : just take the subway to Gangnam station and take bus 5002 from the bus stop near exit 5. the bus stop is in the middle. but my other recommendation will be calling the tour bus to get you there. the only bad thing is that you HAVE to go there at around 9am and MUST RETURN at 6pm. it’s faster and more comfortable for families. if you’re okay with the time restrictions then I’d say it’s the best choice. you can get the contacts (it might change from time to time so best if you visit the site) from the site. any tour buses =). it was 12,000won the last time I took it. BUT, not to mention that they opened a new subway line connecting through the Bundang line =). so if you don’t mind subway then I guess this would be the BESTTTT choice. it isn’t updated on their English website. if you need any more info please leave a comment and I’ll try to help when I can!

but because the trip there in the BUS is already so amazing, I’ll be showing you more of what I saw when I was in the bus.

so, if you would like to go to Everland on your own, just take the subway to Gangnam Station (Subway Line No. 2) – Yangjae Station take exit 10, walk approx 350meters up, pass by giordano and then you’ll see Krispy Kreme. the bus station is right in front of Krispy Kreme and get on bus #5002. it’s probably the best and easiest route as it is one of the fastest way to get there (around 40 minutes).

how I got there was, I walked around Gangnam for an hour to have a look at how people there look like (heard that most people there had plastic surgery =X), how the buildings are like and what is there to explore. it isn’t a compulsory thing in a trip, but it is just how I would like to learn more about the difference of people in Gangnam(upper class society) compared to other places. THEN, I took a taxi (costs 2400won as soon as you board, and it will only cost 2400 won for the entire trip if it is near.) and asked the taxi driver to go to the nearest bus stop that goes to Everland.


the road sign next to the bus stop where I waited for bus #5002.

the destination names are all in Korean, so just look for the bus number. or if you want, Everland is 에버란드 in Korean. I felt it is always important to study a bit of Korean characters if you are going to Korea on your own. but it is quite difficult to read it right away. (took me a year of looking at them to read them at a moderate speed. >_>”) so bring some paper and jot the characters down.


Seoul is like, the city of art.


took this because I thought that bear looked like the one on “CoCo Crunch”. but it looked sad here. hmm?


baldies. but very pretty.



I’ve never thought bald trees would be so beautiful xD. I was actually pretty disappointed that all the leaves dropped a week before I arrived (AND IT SNOWED 2 DAYS AFTER I LEFT #(*&@@)$)@#$)) but the weather was treating me very well.


one of my favourite shot from the whole trip. this scene looked very nice to me, but the bus was going fast and my camera was shut. but luckily I moved fast enough to capture this shot =P.


the reason why all architecture students must visit Seoul.


there are many condominiums like these, and the greatest shock I got was, most of them had advertisements on them. =O. not a bad way to save up on monthly maintenance. =P.


love those winding roads. very much.


Korean houses are really beautiful. they all look like what you can find in a fairy tale. *glittery eyes*.


when you see this sign, you shouldn’t be getting off your seat yet. there’s still a LONG WAY TO GO (5-10minutes perhaps?). the area of Everland is super huge.


you’d see more winding roads. if you’re going there during mid autumn, you must really open your eyes huge during your ride, some roads are even more beautiful than Nami Island =P.


finally there!


lucky that there were still SOME autumn leaves. =P.


this is where the bus leaves you. and buses in Korea have no stops (it doesn’t matter if your ride is 2-3 hours. there will be NO TOILET STOP. there are no public toilets in the middle of highways.) so please do your business before getting into a bus. but at least Everland prepared public toilets as soon as you step out of your bus =D.


ahhhhhh, Autumn is indeed the most beautiful season to visit Korea. just not for buying clothes. or shoes.


JANG!! =D.


if you’re lost, just follow the locals there. go up the steps and walk a little more and you should be able to see the grand HUGE entrance.


cuteness dominates in Korea.


towards the entrance! beautiful isn’t it? Everland is much better for adults compared to Lotte World. I was planning to go to Lotte World at first until some people from the Guest House who went to Lotte the day before told us it was more for kids. but Lotte is much more convenient as it is in the city. =D.

but please note that you must go to Everland as soon as it opens (usually 10am), because it is so big going at 1pm won’t let you finish seeing everything there. I went there at 1.30pm T_T. missed out quite a few. =/. but it is okay! I WILL GO THERE NEXT TIME >=D.


an nyeong =D.

IMG_9363 copy

the pretty Korean girl at the counter =D.


most of the employees in Korea have EXCELLENT customer service. they are always smiling and they are like, 24/7 filled with enthusiasm and cuteness.


I went on a Monday, and the queue for the best ride was about 10minutes only. =D.

make sure not to go on weekends or Fridays, you’d regret it. haha. the price for an adult is 37000won but you can always download the coupons online (from the KTO website) for foreigners which allows you to buy them at 31000 won.

more to come! =D.

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12 years ago

Another question. U mentioned: just take the subway to Gangnam Station (Subway Line No. 2) – Yangjae Station and take bus #5002.

Gangnam Stn and Yangjae are both different stations right? As what I see on the smrt map, Yangjae is south of Gangnam. So we suppose to take cab too from Gangnam Station to Yangjae Station? I checked at Everland main site, it also wrote the same thing like u said.

But when I see visitkorea site, it just said:
**Subway + Bus
1) Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 10.
Take bus 5002 to Everland. (Travel time: 50 min)**

Some conflicting info i see from all areas. Mind help to explain please? 🙂

12 years ago

My face is obviously too Malaysian. ;p

By the way, i see there ticket is divided into several categories at here: http://www.everland.com/MultiLanguage/english/everland/ticket/ticket.html

1) What’s the difference between Day Time (Admission) and Day Time (One-Day Ticket)?? It seems to me the Day Time (Admission) means the fee is just for entering Everland and we need to pay for all the rides and stuffs.