sigh, it’s been 5 days since I came back from Korea. and I am missing it already. screw the bombing thing, just go if you already bought the tickets. it’s beautiful.


the slope I walk down everyday when I was there.


just so if you were wondering which posh hotel I am living in, I lived in this nice and cozy guest house called the Namsan Guest House. it’s located only a few minutes walk away from the N Seoul Tower cable car. what I can say is, it is very convenient. affordable price. =).

clean and tidy place with marvelous strawberry jam toast for breakfast =D. only thing is, the room could be a little small, do not attempt to share a twin room with another additional roomie (I mean, twin + 1 = 3 ppl in a room)  if each of you have a big luggage.

if you hate walking up slopes, go for Namsan 2. the rooms are newer and of course, more expensive. but if you’re young and energetic, go ahead and stay in Namsan 1 =D, the slope is too little for me to complain. =P. ( I guess hiking previously helped a lot.)


the beautiful maple trees. ahhhh.


this is Peter, he sings very well. somebody, please sign him on, he is as good as JYP heh. and he’ll be better. thanks.


our receptionist in the guest house. hot korean guy! =D. speaks english very well too *shining eyes*.


peaches hanging on a leaf-less tree! and the very next day, all the peaces are gone @__@. I am guessing the people plucked it because there are a few more at the very top.


as you walk towards the nearest station (which is the Myeong Dong station (Exit 3)) you’d see some drinking shops which sells stuff like the above.

can’t see?

IMG_9155 copy

now, now, do you like what you see? =D. this purple thing costs 20k won alright. RM60.

and I ate it. raw. while it is still moving. I took a video. will post it up later =D.

wondering what is 7e? well, it is a term for koreans to call seven eleven. they kept saying 7e 7e and I didn’t know what it was until we were inside and Peter said “this is 7e”.


not what you can find in a malaysian 7e. haha. more like what watsons would sell. =P.


and you won’t get leggings and stocking in watsons. 7e in Korea is better than our 7e+watsons+guardian altogether if we weren’t looking for medicine. heh.


the best part. FOOD!!! they sell bean paste even! as you should have already known, if your hotel/hostel/guesthouse does not provide free breakfast, you’d probably have to spend at least 4k won(RM12)on a normal Korean meal. but these convenient stores will probably save your pocket if you’re a light eater on breakfast.

you can easily get those onigiri for 500won =D.

and heck, I didn’t get to try Makgeolli in Korea T_T. pfft. Malaysia have it too though =D. since it is bottled! (Makgeolli = rice wine. in bottles. yes, BOTTLES. PLASTIC BOTTLES!)


and if you are running late and didn’t have time to look for souvenirs, you can get these expensive, overpriced stuff too *sniff*, I am ashamed to tell you that I had such a great time I forgot to buy more souvenirs. T__________________________T. it was only until at the airport I remembered wuwuwuuwuwu. sorry, Korea dominates all friends HAHAHAAHA wth.


IMG_9161 copy

this is my Mallang Kong from 7e. it’s the T-money errr… handphone accessory. it functions like our touch n go. buying a T-Money card is much cheaper though. this costs 8k won whereas the card is only 3k won. I bought this because I want to go back to Korea again! =D.

you should REALLY get a T-money card because 1. you save up at least 100won on every trip. you don’t have to take the trouble to queue up to buy the ticket every time. and you won’t have to bother about all those difficult times on wondering where you’d need to stop while buying the tickets.

I used 20k won (RM60) on train and buses (T-money can be used on buses too!) on my T-money card for 6 days! so that is approximately RM10 per day. I travelled a lot there. also, the money inside the card can be refunded, just not the card.

IMG_9169 copy

one thing you must love about the subway stations in Korea. THERE ARE SHOPS EVERYWHEREEEE!!! clothes clothes clothes and more clothes!


you fan girl fan boys would love this. CD’s in Korea are cheaper too, by the way =D.


only 10,000 won!


super fashionable clothes. but it is all winter wear T_T.

IMG_9168 copy

and more winter wear U__U.


there are small little cafe’s too if you’re hungry!


a picture of the subway station. yes, I am pretending that you don’t know what this is.


you get a card when you purchase a ticket. it’ll be 600won more expensive than if you use the T-money card. but you’d get to refund 500won if you give the card back. here’s the catch, one card can only be used once. so, you’d have yo keep putting it back to the silver machine to get your 500won back every time. it’s very troublesome. but it saves cards! =D.


I am wondering if all the colour on the floor follows the colour of each line. but no, it doesn’t. just some. not all.

IMG_9178 copy

plastic surgery advertisement. you want to be a barbie doll? =D.

I think I need it. pfft. but I am too much of a feng shui believer that I won’t do it sigh.


Chungmuro station is huge, it is all stones on the other side. you’ll see in my future posts. =D. we are going to Gangnam. gotta change at two stations.

IMG_9179 copy

*say kimchi!*

the three seats on every end is meant for the sick, the elderly and the pregnant/mother with a kid. note that if you don’t want people staring at you =P. if nobody in your lifetime have thought that you were a Korean, you can sit. HAHAH but do stand up when you see somebody old walking in. only sit if it is quite empty. you get what I mean.


the next change. after a few stops. GANGNAM.

IMG_9188 copy

upon exit I was greeted with more yellow maple trees wth. hehehe.


I was a bit shocked to see islamic words there haha.


the small alleys in between the modern high rise in Gangnam.

Gangnam is like, the posh place. the place where all rich people hang out, I’d say. and the place with the most beautiful girls.

barbie dolls.

it is where expensive malls are located, like the Galleria. google it. (but I was in a rush and I was a little lost. so we didn’t manage to see it T_T.)


I thought these type of car parks could only be found in Japan! gosh, Korea is as good. but I would still say, I PREFER KOREA! but you shouldn’t trust me so much because I’ve not been to Japan before.

and yes, it’s a car park. just drive in, get out and it’ll automatically park for you. super awesome.


a random tall building. it’s already random. and it is tall!




more Gangnam alleys. I love them pfft.



thing about walking on the streets is, there are no toilets. you’d probably have to find a subway station if you’re too shy to go into a random building to use their toilet. choose a more public building though. =D. everybody does it in Korea. =3.


Paris Baguette is EVERYWHERE in Seoul. or Korea. it’s like Secret Recipe, but better.


more Autumn trees <3.


the changing process of maple trees! from green -> yellow -> red! =D.


looks like a small leaf ey?



anyways, we walked and walked and walked and we couldn’t see Galleria so I gave up and we took the Cab telling the taxi driver to get us to a bus stop that brings us to Everland.


ALL taxi’s in Korea have a GPS that acts like a TV too. when North bombed Yun Pyung Do, news were playing on the GPS. it was a very exciting (in a bad way!) day when it was all over the news. I thought I was going to die in Korea for one second. =X.


I do what I do, I pretended to take pictures of those cute muffins (which I at first intended to) and focused on that VERY TALL AND HOT GUY! =D.

Everland’s next! =>.


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Erna Soliman
Erna Soliman
13 years ago

i love your blog.. Nicely written and very detailed 🙂

13 years ago

KOREA is a really nice place indeed. After reading your post about it, I feel like going there for traveling even much more now!!! 😀

13 years ago

I was wondering where did you get your T-Money handphone accessory from? Was this the only choice available from the place that you got it?

Thanks so much.

13 years ago

hahaha i love that last picture! you’re so funny! i love this !
do you happen to know where there are watsons in seoul, because i know you mentioned it a little in this entry.?

13 years ago

Hey, thanks so much! I’d definitely keep a look out. I’ve seen some really fun designs like the Hello Kitty ones. Though I’m not a (huge) fan of the cat, but I must admit, it’s SOOOOO cute! Hahahah!

I hope I’d be able to find nice ones. ^^

11 years ago

Hi Jamie, my friends and I will be visiting Seoul (our first time in Korea!) soon, and I’m so glad I found your blog.
I’ve been reading a few posts (you have so many! but they’re all good 🙂 ) I’m trying to work out a few places to visit since we’re going there on budget, and we’re not on tour either. Think we’ll go to Edae for shopping! And Myeongdong? Will keep going through your blog, it’s such a great help. Sorry for posting a reply on a random post, I don’t know how to email you. Will you be able to recommend some things to do while we’re in Seoul for about 5 days?

9 years ago

Hi Jamie, I’m an avid reader of your blog and love your posts. Just a suggestion, it would be nice if you update on your links as these are when you’re a tourist! Thanks! 😀