this would be my second time posting about it. hehe. about a month (yes it have been that long!) ago, my mom and I brought my grandma out to the malls. this would be the rarest situation because she doesn’t even like to go out! not only that, it is already rare to see me in malls with my mom. ahhaha. my mom said when you get older you’d find malls boring. hope not? =/.

my beloved grandma! I would say, she’s the number 1 woman to me =D. I was born without any grandpa’s. but having my grandma is enough <3.

she cooks very well too, so I wouldn’t simply take her to any food. only GOOD ones =D.

Spicy Beef Stew.

I’ve had this the last time I came. and that mango salad side dish with jellyfish(?) is VOLUPTUOUS. soup’s great too! tip for female : you either order a drink and become too full to drink the soup, don’t order any drinks or the best choice, share the drink. haha.

when I ate something I really like, it’ll take me a few times to move on to the next dish I guess.

but really, this is the closest thing to the niu pai I had in China.


my grandma’s pineapple fish =D with saucy chopped pork on the rice.

there isn’t much pineapple taste but I guess that is how it’d taste after being cooked? the taste is really clear and the fish.. it’s just cooked so perfectly. you’d have to try it to believe it. and it is rare for my grandma to praise outside food. =P.


my mom’s chilli chicken dish. but it ain’t spicy at all. the flavour is good but I’d say it’s a bit too sweet for my likings. and it was the RECOMMENDED ITEM. but the non-recommended item tastes better. and I have to say, they are VERY generous in giving chicken. hahaha. which is a very good thing to all big tall guys =D.


forgot the name of this. but I’ll call it the taiwanese hamburger. it has a big slick of pork with sour vege and parsley and peanuts (with SUGAR! hmm?) squashed in between the bread/mantou-taste-alike.

it taste’s not bad, but I would say the combination is rather funny ahaha.

RATING : 3.5!

PS : I am very strict on my ratings alright?! =P.

my sister told me that her friends told her that this place tastes normal with bombastic prices. but I would say, it depends on what you order. you couldn’t possibly have all the luck in food. that is why you need a mole near your lips (there’s a saying that you’d have luck with food if you have a mole near your lips!). HAHAHA. (saying that because I have it, and I didn’t like it there. T_T)

this place, is worth the price.

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