before I forget, I would like to tell all of you that I had at least 3 sweet dreams of Du Jun. the nicest one was yesterday night’s one. I dream that there was an additional member in the group whom can speak english whom invited me to go on a short vacation with them. it is supposed to be Malaysia but from what I see it looked like Taiwan or something. HAHA. anyway, I have 1.5k pictures of them so I’ll slowly post them up aite? heh. but I wouldn’t be able to post ALL of them, I’ll pick some of the best. =D. and others will be for my own pleasure mwahahhaha >=).

and it was Du Jun’s Birthday YESTERDAY! I came back too late to even think right. so here’s my dedication to my favourite member of the band =D.

shoutout : I LOVE YOU YOON DU JUN! <3. and HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!

this one’s when they were walking back from the toilet. Jonathan was saying how lucky I was to come out from the escalator having Gi Kwang walking right pass me and when I was registering, they walked pass me. TWICE. they were looking at my gawking face when they were walking TO the toilet.

at first, Jonathan asked me to look on my left and so I did and my jaw dropped wide while looking at the beautifully built human being. Du Jun, of course, noticed me gawking at him and he kept looking while hiding his smile. I mean, I would be happy if I had a fan having his jaw drop while looking at me walk pass. =P.

thus, I became an open stalker.

my first sight of all of them. and I thought, I like Du Jun the best. =D. he has all the oriental manliness and those great humour <3. also, I can’t ignore the fact that he is very hot xD.

and, Dong Woon is indeed the most handsome/charming/good looking/or what Du Jun call, god like guy in the group. <3.

a guy so good looking a girl would do anything for him. <3. from Du Jun’s twitter, commenting that Dong Woon looks god like while playing games haha.

very sexy T_T.

stalker picture number #1

stalker picture number #2

enlarged this picture for a better view. he is one of the most beautiful creation, you must agree. so very perfect <3.

stalker picture number #3

and while stalking, I noticed Jun Hyung had headache. must have hurt =(. okay I must be really bothersome to take his picture even when he had a headache =X.


so cute T_T. the weirdest part, or I would say the most unique part of him is his eyes. it isn’t like everybody else’s and I LOVE IT. it makes him even more sexy and captivating <3.


*melts* utter handsomeness!

picture resolution wasn’t so good because I was actually aiming at Gi Kwang but Du Jun looked at this picture! <3.

this is what you get for being an open stalker. which means, you stalk with letting the person you stalk realize. and so he would notice you, in a way. well, that isn’t really called stalking already right? =X. whatever it is, I AM VERY HAPPY! =D

Hyun Seung, Yo Seob and Dong Woon. =D. and that cute Korean translator behind! I took a picture with him! hahaha I bet he is flattered. *coughs*. it wasn’t easy to ask a complete stranger who isn’t a celebrity to take a picture with you. T_T.

MORE TO COME! (but do know that my camera aims at Du Jun most, Dong Woon second, and others, actually quite a lot also. xD)

a little something from Penang! =D. gained a kg in 4 days. FUH.

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