it is weird how all my guy friends tell me not to blog about BEAST anymore. but I just want to blog a LITTTLEEE bit more aite? shrinking 1.5k pix to 50pix is already very difficult. heh. =D. I did not delete any clear pictures. but I’d keep them for myself =D. <3.

there won’t be beast for the next post I promise =D. but of COURSE, there would be MORE Beast post’s after that. HAHAHA. =D.

Hello Gi Kwang’s (AJ) fans, you’d love this. >=).

why is Gi Kwang shy? =D.

!!!!!!!!!! <3. 8 pax okay?

well the picture on top is actually his shy face after lifting his shirt up for o.2seconds.

and more for AJ’s fans — him giggling in one of the cutest way when he was hearing how Du Jun tricked Hyun Seung that he was still sleeping with pillows and hid behind the curtains. ahahhaa. I laughed big time while listening to that too!

don’t you want to kiss that microphone? *salivates*

theΒ  ONLY picture where two of the member actually look at my very unprofessional looking camera. pffts at the others who have long beautiful lenses with huge dramatic speed lights.

their eyes are small so you might not notice where they are looking. BUT I ZOOMED IN! it is IDENTIFIED! =P.

I think this is a good picture because of Yo Seob. hahaha. so cheerful of him! <3.

DONG WOON the most handsome guy in the group <3. nicest, too.

stalking DU JUN again! very manly creation!

shall show you something to proof WHY I had sweet dreams that night and it was so difficult for me to sleep.

okay, Du Jun looking at my camera. =D. they were doing VIDEO RECORDING OKAYYY.

notice the difference? notice the FINGERSS? =P. but I think he noticed that I couldn’t catch the fingers. =(.

so, he looked at me also even when he go off the stage……

AND POSED AGAIN! okay I was really very glad. for me or not I don’t care but I assume so so I’d be happier HAHAHHA. living life IS to be happy no? =D.

and that is how this picture came about =P.

perfect smiling picture of Du Jun AWWWW. <3.

when I first got the signatures I couldn’t recognize whose is whose. but with this picture, I can =D.

having my own on-stage experience. HAHAHAH. =D. okay I was actually damn shy because everyone’s looking T_T. I was like a Jakun.

and the next bravest thing I did was, to take a picture with the cute translator. but he was nice, he didn’t mind =D.

T___T. my face. look damn weird. friend commented I look different here HAHAHA. angle problem. ignore it lah I didn’t dare to ask for another picture T_T. I wasn’t even ready! I was adjusting my hair and it kind of got stuck there because I was sooo soo soo shy.

he looked even hotter in reality. really! and, when he walk he looked like some detective from those drama’s. ahhhhhh. and according to Natalie, guys as hot as this is all over Korea. IS IT TRUE? =D. I shall visit Korea SOOOOOON.

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13 years ago

Teehee, they care to dress themselves up la πŸ˜›
Eh Beast debut story on MTV tonight leh 6 or 7 PM back to back episodes.
When I saw the trailer I thought of you so datang tell you pfft

12 years ago

hi there, love reading ur blog especially blog more about korea~~hahaha~~i dunno ur r a fans of b2st until i suddenly click into tis parts~~me too is a fans of b2st~~good job fot the photo taking~~is really clear n pretty~~nice shots!!