THE FANS. I was pretty lucky because as many as 35 people (welll, more and more after the first girl got the privileged to go in before other does) fainted being stuck there for more than 4 hours. those in front waited since 6am. crazy much? it is supposed to start at 7, but it really only started at 9. pity them. and being on top I saw all these crowd getting all hyped up even after being so exhausted.

WHEE! EVERYONES NAME! except Hyun Seung. his name is hidden behind that B2ST fan. I AM SURE. I got another picture to prove but let’s not waste time. hehehe.

WHEE!  their first song. forgot what they sang but I was amazed on how great they were. they were at least 90% moving in the same phase. and for the shock song, they were 100%. it was absolutely amazing.

here’s Hyun Seung going the peace sign with his pretty look. I felt whenever he smile without his teeth, he looks very girlish HAHAHA. and the others were doing peace signs too, if you noticed. they were so near to me I couldn’t catch their face properly ngek ngek. but I figured it’d be better standing in front that the photographers platform a bit further as my lens ain’t a zoom lens. =X.

Dong Woon sliding! it looked so amazing on how he balanced in this picture HAHAHA. well, it’s just a ‘pictureee’.

my favourite two <3.

look at Du Jun HAHAHAH SO CUTE!


the signature AJ face. =3. drooling already?

THE PERFECT SMILE! <3. imagine you have babies with him, your babies would be as beautiful as him. I mean, as handsome! =D.


jeongmal mystery mystery~ mystery mystery!

for the AJ fans. no doubt, very very charming =P.

<3. how could a person with single eyelid have such huge eyes! <3 my Du Jun! because he is hot like that <3.

I think Jun Hyung looks very cute here hehehehe. he is so awesome his rap could make people dance without music.

and the only member with tattoos I think? =D.

for this picture, I fell behind. he was literally in front of me and I was so afraid I’d knock on him I bent backwards. HAHA.

and the picture is BLUR. fml,

the “I-am-innocent” face. oh so HOT. T_T.

I AM GOING TO PHOTOSHOP my FACE into that PICTURE. even though I know I’d be taller HAHAHA. T_T but I don’t want to be taller than Gi Kwang. it’ll look weird. T_T.

my favourite ang moh faced asian. =P.

*points* the JEWISH NOSE! he has it!

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