yes, yes, I know, I eat a lot. but it is irresistible. especially when I SMELL food. it’s just so good. thinking about durian makes me salivate. <3. so what’s famous at Malacca? DURIAN CENDOL OF COURSE!

the most famous durian cendol store at Jonker Street. it’s called the Jonger 88. it have been here for YEARS. I come here every time I am in Malacca! but that was pretty long ago. still, very good!

no doubt they have the most delectable asam laksa (2nd. 1st’s at Penang’s Air Itam). but the worst part about this shop is, their seats are pretty limited, so most people prefer eating while standing outside on the road. and that, of course attracts more people because the heavenly smell of durian diffuses through the air. <3.

the part I like the most. it is an open air area where antique stuff are everywhere. very nonya. love it.

when I mean everywhere..

it is seriously, EVERYWHERE.


DURIAN CENDOL! <3 <3 <3. I prefer cendol over ABC actually, not as sweet and the taste is more focused.  it wasn’t as goad as I’ve remembered though. I was hoping for something better.. if I am not mistaken, they’ve gotten less generous on the durian paste =/.

there is another one at tan kim hock which is nicer. but whenever you go there, you’d definitely splurge a lot on dodol, sweets, biscuits and etc. because, the whole shop is FILLED with edible souvenirs. all so good!

whenever there’s food, Jamie’s face will definitely light up. *GOOD food.


here’s one touching story : Nigel hates durian. but Jamie wanted to try both durian ABC and chendol and knows that it is impossible for her to finish it. so Nigel said “it’s alright.. I’ll share it with you =/”, AWWWWW. =3.

NONYA LAKSA! it isn’t bad. my first time having this so I couldn’t really rate it. it’s like asam laksa without the asam like its name. but I like the asam! =X.

the shop that sells this this laksa. =D. I like this picture, the setting looks a little vintage albeit there’s this one modernized building pfft.

beard papa used to sell this hugeee durian cream puff for rm5. and not anymore T_T. but I FOUND ANOTHER ONE!

MINI DURIAN CREAM PUFFS! very nice loh can? I think it’s RM1 each. =D. YUM YUM. super orgasmic. heh.

that posh building is called BEI ZHAN. it’s a restaurant. my NEXT PREY. =D. I googled the place. apparently it’s price is really reasonable and the food is bloody delicious. <3. no wonder for the big building. and two (or three) floors!

Fun Fact : I LOVE PEARS! they are DELICIOUSSSS. all types of pear! green ones, yellow ones, brown ones!

went to Hennessy Artistry @ Zouk on Saturday. I didn’t know a single artist there, but it was no doubt one of the best. be it the artist or the club, it is awesome. =D. whoever who thinks that it suck sucks! Cranberry is the new yummy flavour!

so you have a hint of whats coming up next right?

MY ASSIGNMENT! I added glass beads on top of the lace now actually, but too lazy to snap a picture of it. anybody want to buy my lamp? heh.

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14 years ago

You’re lucky! You can eat Durians!!! I’ve never eaten one!! Here in Italy it’s not easy finding one of them!!! I received one as a Birthday present last February..but it wasn’t ripe! So I don’t know what the taste of Durian is like!!
Have a nice day!

14 years ago

guess what, i got a durian for my birthday last year too! haha. try to pick the smelliest durian, should be the best xD.

13 years ago

For laksa, i strongly recommend nyonya laksa from donald and lily at kota laksamana, that is the best laksa i ever tried.

13 years ago

hi, want to ask, is jonker88 serves pork? i want to try cendol there. tq

13 years ago

Hi,i would like to recommend that maybe you also should try BESS Kopitiam for they Nyonya Laksa :

BESS Kopitiam has been choosen as The BEST Laksa outlet in Malaysia year 2009-2010 by the General Public in the

” Reputedly The Best Laksa With Distinguished Taste That Leaves One Craving For More ”

Address : 378 – C ,Taman Sin Hoe ,
Bukit Baru ,75150,Melaka,Malaysia.
H/P : ( 60 ) 017 618 8055
Operation Hours : 7.30am – 2pm
Every Thursday is our OFF day

13 years ago

Here’s BESS Kopitiam GPS Coordinates : N 02° 13.031′ E102°1 15.979′

13 years ago

Correction regarding BESS Kopitiam GPS Coordinates : N 02°13.031′ E102°15.979′


Sarina A
12 years ago

Melaka is good food paradise, hai nam chicken rice, laksa, satay celup(non halal), cendol (my favourite!), ikan bakar portuguese and more! i think melaka is 2nd after penang!