is my birthday! =D. today today today WHEE. =3. I wanted to update just because it is my birthday (and it won’t even be long, just wanted to tell you HAHAHHA). so I celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday, was a PINK party hehehe. =D. it’s awesome because only 4 people didn’t wear pink out of 40+. one had their punishment, 3 will have theirs SOON. =P.

many came early/left early/wasn’t wearing pink and thus wasn’t included in the picture. hehehe. =P. except for Lionel (Serge) whom very secretly embedded himself in the picture PFFT.

will update more on this. just wanted the date of posting. HEH. yesterday was ONE FUN NIGHT!

thanks everyone for coming! (also for wearing pink! some of you wore old pink clothes, borrowed them or bought a new shirt. very touched <3.) and you all whom have ditched me, you know you owe me dinner. =P. ah, how nice, having a week full of free dinners! =D.

thank you JOSPEH(who gave me the most thoughtful present!), Sandra Lee, Sandra Wong, Darren, Zhong, Yao, Kai, Bun, Bitto, Emest, Thong Kai, Kaye, Sin Yin, Carmen, Afina, Aaron, Ben, Jason Chiam, Ah PoP, Simon, Chee Wei and girlfriend, Jone, Shep, Wei Lee, John, Nic, Xun Hao, Yau, Xiang, Zoe, William, Jeffro, Yernny, Keng Sein, Ee Quin, Yee Jin, Lionel, Adam, Suzuki, Howard, Samantha, Yee Cow, Bryan, Anne, Leonard. it’s really a wonder that my house could fit. =X. all food was cleared out, GOOD ONE PEOPLE! initially I thought I need to tapau for people to bring home like last year because there was more food this year compared to last year. @@.

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14 years ago

I’m feeling the guilt already! uuum. how can i make it up to u leh?

Serge Norguard
14 years ago

ahahahahha ahahhaha ahahah …. ninja-ed a white shirt!!