and here’s some pics at the errr, what do you call it? canopy? don’t know lah.

my hair lands perfectly on the non existence cleavage! haha! and now it might actually get some people wondering if I am a guy now. kekeke. okay. it’s a cold joke. sorry. =X. but this IS my favourite picture for your information. =D. I look so weird I don’t know why eventhough I love the background hahahaha. (Chee Wei is awesome! again)

I think it’s the light that was shining at my face. it shone directly on my brows making me look browless. and I look a little like a monk. pfft.

love my legs here. <3.

for the illusions to make your legs look long = wear super high heels

THAT TREE. is filled with moss. and ants. =/. still, I like the picture kekeke.

after uploading all of these, I bet Mr. Tan Chee Wei haven’t even uploaded it on his blog yet. so all of you who visit my blog knows whats coming out next already hahaha (and plus, he don’t update his blog in a zillion years). lazy awesome photographer he is!

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